This Thai Grandma Is The Only Instagram Model You Need To Follow

Sopit Soonthorntanasatit's #OOTD outfits are always on point!

Cover image via @sopitchitchat (Instagram)

First, there was the 'hypebeast' grandpa taking the Internet by storm.

Now, meet 56-year-old Sopit Soonthorntanasatit.

Hailing from Thailand, Sopit really stands out in the sea of Instagram models for her ageless beauty

She rocks various lovely Thai fabrics in many of her #OOTDs

If the Tourism Authority of Thailand hasn't hired her as their ambassador, they really should get to it.

On some days, she spends some leisure time by a pool or beach

Occasionally, she also shares a little bit about her travels

Sopit at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Image via @sopitchitchat (Instagram)

Sopit in San Francisco, California.

Image via @sopitchitchat (Instagram)

You're truly an inspiration, Sopit!

Image via The Voice/GIPHY

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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