This Birthday Girl Was Pranked With A Taugeh Cake She Will Never Forget

Her colleagues made sure it was the best kind of cake.

Cover image via Rojaklah

On Friday, our colleagues over at Rojaklah made a girl's 25th birthday a little extra special.

By surprising her with a taugeh cake!

Image via Rojaklah

She was clearly not a fan of it

Image via Rojaklah

Her colleagues were aware of how much she disliked taugeh and thought it would be the perfect prank!

However, the cake isn't just solid taugeh!

Underneath all those sprouts is actually rice!

Her colleagues used the rice as a base to fill the plate with a pack of taugeh they had boiled themselves.

But they weren't that mean. When the prank was over, they gave her a real birthday cake, a chocolate one.

This is definitely one birthday she'll never forget!

Image via Rojaklah

A couple of months back, the same group of colleagues were responsible for this crazy realistic pimple-popping cake that went viral:

Check out more photos of this super realistic pimple-popping cake here.

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