We’re Super Impressed At How This Guy Perfectly Photoshopped Himself Into Movie Scenes

His facial expressions are ON POINT.

Cover image via Syahril Ramadan

19-year-old Syahril Ramadan may not be rubbing shoulders with A-list celebs like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gal Gadot just yet, but he's gone and done the next best thing - Photoshop himself into photos with the stars!

Here he is enjoying a nice protein shake from a blender with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Image via Syahril Ramadan Facebook

Hailing from Batam, Indonesia, Syahril - who is new to photography - started teaching himself how to use Adobe Photoshop in 2011 and is still learning the ins and outs of the software.

Though inserting yourself into a star-studded image is not a new concept, the Indonesian teen takes it up a notch by how he seamlessly blends into the photos with his amazing editing skills. Here he is, just chillin' out with Team Jumanji:

Can we just appreciate how well he fits into blockbuster movie scenes, like this one with Wonder Woman and her team of Wonder Men?

Or in this epic superhero shot with the Justice League?

With great power comes great responsibility... to carry your friend around when he needs a ride

Here's a behind-the-scenes sneak peek on how he created the above image. It's amazing how he turned the two images on the left into the one on the right!

He must be one of the few people who've had the privilege to sit on Tom Cruise's shoulders. ;)

He also sports the best facial expressions, like that one time he pointed Thor and Dr. Bruce Banner to whichever hole Loki ran into:

Or when Selena spilled wine on the kitchen floor and he had to clean up the mess

"Hey Obama, you missed a spot riiiiight there."

"Just hanging out with my glamourous celeb buddies, nbd."

When you take her out shopping but forgot you've actually run out of cash for the month... :p

Check out more of Syahril's work, including original designs, on his official website

You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where he posts tutorials on how he edits his photos. 

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