This Guy’s Selfies Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Travel As A Couple

#FollowMeTo? More like #DragMeTo!

Cover image via Forrest Lu Facebook

Many a travelling couple have attempted to recreate the gorgeously shot #FollowMeTo photos, a viral Instagram series by photographer Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly

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The Osmanns' travelling adventures always look like they jumped right out of a dreamy fairytale, but we all know the truth - travelling with your significant other can be pretty stressful... especially when your wife gets angry at you!

While Murad Osmann's wife guides him around by holding his hand, Forrest Lu's wife dragged him around by his hair during their time in Hawaii

According to Lu's Facebook page, the Taiwanese couple flew to Hawaii on 11 May.

On the days where she's exceptionally annoyed by her husband, Lu's wife Agnes would drag him by the nose...

... Or by the ear! That's when you know she's really, really fuming. ;)

Don't worry, the couple have had some cute moments too!

Sure looks easier to replicate than the original #FollowMeTo photos:

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