This Video Of A Girl Watching 'Tom & Jerry' With A Stranger On The MRT Is Pure Joy

So cute!

Cover image via Serenteur/Twitter

Earlier this week, a 21-second long video went viral on Twitter. It showed a young girl excitedly watching 'Tom & Jerry' on a stranger's mobile on the MRT in Singapore.

The short video was captured by the stranger's daughter who uploaded it on her Twitter account on Monday night, 27 May. The daughter's tweet has since gone viral with more than 105k likes and over 35k retweets as of writing this story.

In the video, the MRT commuter is seen sharing his mobile screen with a little girl to watch a cartoon together during their commute.

In her tweet, the daughter said that her father "befriended a tiny human in the train".

The joy the little girl experiences while watching the cartoon is so pure that even the man couldn't keep his phone away and endearingly indulged the girl

The little girl enjoyed the cartoon so much that at one point in the video, she even said "no" to the lady sitting beside her while grinning widely.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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