13 Funny Coincidences Spotted By The Sharpest Eyes On The Internet

And your friends didn't believe you when you said you met Taylor Swift.

Cover image via SuperDaveVideos/Youtube

1. When this peckish diner was torn between his favourite Nintendo legends

Image via Neatorama

2. When this coffee fan was given a dark premonition of his morning cuppa

Image via BoiseCoffee

3. When this guy walked into a bar and wasn't expecting a Sesame Street superstar to join him for a drink

Image via norcal530/Imgur

4. When this person spotted a runaway plate of chicken chop on an MC slip

5. When this visitor had second thoughts about donating blood that day

Image via Reddit

6. When this driver saw Taylor Swift just 50 meters away

7. When this photographer spotted a helmet that had a mind of its own

8. When this onlooker had to deliver the cold, hard truth to the truck driver: "No, you don't."

9. When this disappointed visitor could have sworn wind was the exact thing they should be seeking...

Image via BoredBug

10. When this lost driver could finally say he found the way

Image via MY.Mustaffa

11. When this student doubted his decision in choosing this extremely private school

Image via HubSpot Blogs

12. When this passer-by was trolled by an age-old saying

Image via Lifebuzz

13. When this dog owner realised they were back at square one

Image via Reddit

Life is just a lot more fun when you spot what others miss!

Image via NBC

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