When You Kentut In Public And 9 Other Times You Wish There Was A 'Pause' Button In Life

Can we hit the 'pause' button now?

  • 1. When you have back-to-back meetings and don't have time to eat anything in between

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    • You just need time to freeze for five minutes so you can have one more bite of your sad sandwich. 

  • 2. When ALL your colleagues decide to go on holiday on THE SAME WEEK

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    • So who has to do all the work? YOU.

  • 3. When you fart in the lift and EVERYONE knows it's you

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    • Can we pause this lift for a moment so we can find a hole and hide in it forever?

  • 4. When the roller coaster starts to move and you immediately feel a HUGE pang of regret

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  • 5. When you're complaining about someone and you accidentally send your text TO that person

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    • Especially when the horrible blue tick appears and that person starts to type a reply.

      In this case, the typing dots can go on forever and ever. We don't mind. 

  • 6. When you send an email and you get the client's name wrong :(

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    • That's another way of your brain telling you to stop and take a day off. 

  • 7. When you trip and fall unglamorously in front of everyone

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    • Just so you don't need to deal with the many kesian looks. You also really don't want your face to hit the floor. 

      Or at least pause time so you can 'adjust' how you fall, you know?

  • 8. When it's 6pm on a Friday and you just want to stop extra work from coming in

  • 9. When all your friends are road-tripping and you're the only one who can't make it

    • Can all operations just stop for a while so we can go see friends whom we haven't met for... 5 years?

  • 10. When you read spoilers of 'The Last Jedi' on Facebook

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    • Or can we freeze our friend's mouth? Is that a better idea?

  • Sometimes you just need to hit the pause button in life, take a break, and have some precious me-time

    • This Christmas, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc invites you to take a breather and join the festivities during their Pause for a Blue Christmas celebration. There will be Christmas trees built using their signature blue bottles, a roving snow globe that you can enter to pose with Santa and Santarina who are dressed in blue (click here for the full schedule), as well as a Christmas party! Here are the details of the party:

      Date: 22 December 2017
      Time: 7pm - 12 midnight
      Venue: Tom, Dick and Harry's, Oasis Square
      Admission: Free

      No tickets or reservation needed! Just show up and enjoy the party!

      They are also having a 12-day challenge on their official Facebook page, where you can win coupons to redeem a bucket of Kronenbourgh 1664 Blanc and dinner for two at the Pause for a Blue Christmas Party!

  • Find out more about Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc's Pause For a Blue Christmas celebration here

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