3 Parody Videos Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton That Are 101% #OnPoint

This US election, it appears, is a huge comedy material.

Cover image via Bad Lip Reading

On Sunday night, 9 October, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their second presidential debate. However, the two have been subject to a lot of memes and parodies since then. So we decided to curate a list of some of the most hilarious parodies of their debates you should watch:

Image from the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump.

Image via Queerty

Let's start off with this clip from the second debate, in which the two candidates are singing "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. It originated on a Dutch website called, LuckyTV.

The above video also featured Bill, who didn't seem to like the hilarious chemistry shared by Hillary and Trump ;)

Image via Lucky.TV

Then there's this brilliantly done video of them doing a dance entry during their first presidential debate:

However, the funniest of the lot has to be this Bad Lip Reading of the first debate. It has been dubbed to look like the candidates are actually saying ridiculous things:

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