The 18 Types Of Friends We Didn't Have Until We Found Them In College

From the overachiever to the futsal dude, which one are you?

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1. The overly overachiever friend

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What they're like: President of the president's club, future politician or someone important. You can just feel it.

Most likely to say: 'I have a major report to submit in two days, but since I'm representing college in this year's interstate debate championships tomorrow, I'm going to hand it in today.'

2. The accounting genius friend

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What they're like: The math extraordinaire, the whiz kid, the go-to person when you need a lot of last minute help crunching numbers.

Most likely to say: "This one ah, very easy only...."

3. The 'every night is a good night to party' friend

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What they're like: Always seen in Zouk, or throwing a house party. Their life's motto? ALWAYS have fun. Who says you can't party on weeknights?

Most likely to say: "Let's party tonightttttttttttt!"

4. The 'futsal/basketball/dodgeball/everything also can play' friend

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What they're like: You'll always see him in a jersey talking about last night's match. The good thing: Athletic body. Bad thing: The wardrobe is basically just jerseys.

Most likely to say: "Tonight got practice/tonight got game/tonight must watch the game".

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5. The 'let's make this world a better place' friend

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What they're like: It doesn't have to be all about politics but you can actively see this type posting articles on Facebook regarding the topic he or she really believes him. Easily seen in the debate team.

Most likely to say: "Would you like to sign this petition? It's important!"

6. The 'mainstream hipster but don't want to admit' friend

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What they're like: The one who tries to be different but in the end, looks just like everybody else (also known as the mainstream hipster).

Most likely to say: "I'm NOT hipster. I just have good taste."

7. The 'I quite funny so I'm going to tell a joke' friend

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What they're like: There are two kinds of class clowns. The one who's naturally funny because of their wit and humour, and the other one who makes really bad jokes that make you laugh anyway.

Most likely to say: "Let me tell you a joke..."

8. Probably the hyperactive social media personality friend

What they're like: They've watched every YouTube video you ever clicked 'play' on and share news even before they become news. They're on all kinds of social media accounts and are usually the first to 'Like' anything and everything you post.

Most likely to say: "Yeah, I watched that two weeks ago! BTW, I added you as friend on this new app. Accept my invite now, please."

9. The 'I know all things tech' friend

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What they're like: From knowing the specs of every single component of laptops and phones and tablets. If you need to know what's the best, this is the friend you need.

Most likely to say: "What's the WiFi password ah?"

10. The 'legend of video games' friend

What they're like: Very close friends with the tech geek. Spends most of their time in cyber cafes or at home on their consoles or on Steam. Hopes to one day play in The International and make millions.

Most likely to say: "GGWP".

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11. The overly attached couple

What they're like: Probably high school sweethearts, or they just met in college. Since that day, they have been inseparable. Sometimes TOO attached.

Most likely to say: "Yup, WE'RE coming over now!"

12. The 'move on in a heartbeat' friend

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What they're like: Unlike the overly attached couple, this one is the one that gets over somebody really really quick.

Most likely to say: "Oh? I am no longer with him/her."

13. The Out-Of-The-Country kid

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What they're like: The one with the really interesting accent.

Most likely to say: "What is the meaning of 'lah'?"

14. The 'see you only during exams' friend

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What they're like: Very mysterious, not much is known about them as they only appear during exam time and yet they do make it to the next semester.

Most likely to say: Unknown, they're a mystery. Requires more data.

15. The friend who loves to spend some quiet time alone

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What they're like: They usually can be found in spots where they can do reading or to study. But don't be mistaken, this doesn't mean they don't have friends! They just believe that silence is golden.

Most likely to say: "Go out? Why do that when you can be at home relaxing with a book!"

16. The vaper friend

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What they're like: A relatively new addition to the college scene, the vaper is closely linked to the smoker. Expect to see him or her holding the vaping device in one hand around campus.

Most likely to say: "What mod are you using ah?"

17. The "Sing-K", the crooner, the singing kaki

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What they're like: Doesn't matter if Beyonce or William Hung, this type of friend is still enjoyable to hang out with. There's always a song for every occasion!

Most likely to say: "Eh, when you wanna sing karaoke again eh? Got promo!"

18. The 'I've got what you need' friend

What they're like: Usually spotted power-walking to or from somewhere, carrying a resume folder, or coming up with the next big idea. Can smooth-talk anyone into anything.

Most likely to say: "I've just got the thing you need."

Yup, these unique college characters could very well be the friends you have for life!

How many of these people can you identify in your circle of friends? Apart from equipping yourself with education and life skills, the friendships you make during your college years will remain the highlights of your first few years of adulthood. Find out more here.

Which ones have we left out? Comment below!