Uhm, What Is Batman Doing On This Malaysian Government Website?

In today's RANDOM WEDNESDAY, we showcase, an actual Malaysian government website that lives up to its name. "But how?" Rilek lah bro, read on below...

Cover image via is an actual Malaysian government website. According to their FAQ, it stands for "Rangkaian Interaktif Laman Elektronik Kerajaan" or the "Government Interactive Network Portal". Pretty smart huh?

Image via RILEK

RILEK is the abbreviation for 'Rangkaian Interaktif Laman Elektronik Kerajaan' or Government Interactive Network Portal. In conjunction with the initiatives of 'eServices', it is one of the six Malaysia's Electronic Government Flagship Application. This revolutionary project is to provide the convenience to the public to have interactive access with government agencies.

"Wahlao, so much money ah the government to make websites like this? What's it for? Got use one ah?"

RILEK bro! (geddit?) This website is actually built to help you guys update your driving license, check your police summonses and even enquire the bankruptcy status of other people! Pretty useful don't you think?

Image via RILEK

At the moment, RILEK offers the following services: Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) summons inquiries and payment. Malaysian Transport Department (JPJ) Driving License Exam Part 1.
Malaysian Department of Insolvency (JIM) bankruptcy inquiry. In the near future, our business strategy will focus on expanding more on e-government services such as Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and other public utility services.

"Oh I see... Is it free to use these services ah?"

Well, yes and no. It is free to register online but for every successful transaction you make, they charge you RM2. Seems reasonable right?

No charges will be applied when registering. However, for each successful transaction you will be charged a convenience fee of RM2.00.

"Cheh, a lot of governments do this also what. What's so random about this anyway? Tipu one you guys!"

Wait lah. We'll tell you why. To start off, one of their FAQ asks "Can I access RILEK services outside of Malaysia?" Seems pretty simple right?

Image via RILEK

This is how RILEK replied. "Yes, you can access RILEK services anywhere in the universe as long as you can access earth's internet". Who knew the government can be so funny?

Image via RILEK

"Like that only ah? I'm not impressed SAYS..."

Wait! There's more! So we decided to test out these services, notably whether we have any traffic summonses

Image via RILEK

Thankfully, we didn't get any. But we got a congratulatory message by saying we're a "good citizen" and that we have "no summon" with a random picture of fireworks plastered with congratulations.

Image via RILEK

It gets better. We tried again and got this picture instead. A standing ovation by a large crowd. This website sure knows how to make us smile!

Image via RILEK

But this one takes the cake. Apparently Batman works for the Malaysian government too! When Batman gives the seal of approval, you know you're on the right track in life.

Image via RILEK

Don't believe us? Find out and test it yourself here

Whether it's a prank, a hack or just plain humour, we at SAYS give two thumbs up for this government website!

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