[VIDEO] 6 Super Simple Car Hacks That Work

No more second guessing which side the petrol cap is on!

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Did you know that humans spend roughly 3 years of their lifetime stuck in traffic?

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When considering time spent in a car driving to work, the average American male spends 25.3 minutes a day, or over 100 hours a year. Those commuting in large cities also spend a considerable amount of time stuck in traffic. The annual mobility study by Texas A&M found that the average urban American spent around 38 hours stuck in traffic every year.
According to The Telegraph, drivers in the U.K. spent more than 10 hours a week behind the wheel in 2011, adding up to 3 years over a lifetime.

So it's only normal to making sure that you get the best out of your car to make your life, well, more comfortable

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For example, don't you hate it that your steering wheel burns under the sun? Don't know what to do with your messy boot?

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Here are six simple ways to make your life easier, WATCH!

Happy hacking!

Nothing like a car that's 'minty fresh' for the holiday season! :)

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