Video Shows Terengganu Girls At McDonald's Drive-Thru On Their... Horses

The video has garnered close to a million views.

Cover image via @misneoo0 (TikTok)

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A trio of teenage girls from Gong Badak, Terengganu decided to satisfy their McDonald's cravings by riding on horseback to purchase their meals

TikTok user @missneoo0 uploaded a video of her and her friends riding horses and making their orders at a McDonald's drive-through.

The McDonald's staff, who were stunned by their unique mode of transportation, pulled out their phones to record the incident. 

As the girls rode away with their meals, several road users paused to get a good look at the rare sight.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered close to a million views.

Netizens have mixed reactions towards the incident

"This is wrong, they should be wearing helmets, and they need to have a license because they are on the road. Hasn't JPJ made any laws for this?," commented a concerned user.

One user jokingly asked if the girls will clean the pavement if their horses poop there.

Another user commented that the horses are struggling from the girls' weight, to which the owner replied that she and her friends are only 35kg.

One user shared his traumatic experience when his friend was thrown off from a horse, while another user commented that they want to buy a horse.

Another user said that the girls can save money on petrol.

"I got sued the other day for riding a horse because it didn't have side mirrors," joked a user.

Watch the full video below:


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