'Vin Diesel' Is In Thailand And He Drives An Isuzu

Dom Yum Goong.

Cover image via อาทิตย์ โมดิฟาย (Facebook)

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A Vin Diesel-lookalike in Thailand has recently gone viral after photos of him surfaced on the Internet

The guy, who goes by the name Atid Modifai on Facebook, is based in Chiang Rai and is often seen embracing the Hollywood actor's Fast & Furious look. 

Photos show him dressed in Dominic Toretto's attire and posing behind the wheels of several vehicles, including an Isuzu and a black car that resembles the actor's Dodge Charger

It appears that Atid has been dressing this way for years, and even shared edited photos of himself with a satirical 'The Fate of The Furious' graphic.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Even his poses and facial expressions are on point

In one photo, someone photoshopped his face onto Dom's body, which has been shared over 1,100 times since 5 February.

And there's even a Reface App video of him superimposed onto the actor's body in the series' trailer.

If you got it, flaunt it, amiright?

Speaking of lookalikes, this Grab rider and passenger left the Internet in stitches when they realised they look like each other:

In 2018, a video went viral of a thief who looked exactly like Ross from 'Friends' and the actor actually responded to it:

Remember when this happened?

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