Want To Count Calories During Chinese New Year? Let's Get Real Lah

Oh, what is Chinese New Year without the snacks?

Cover image via SAYS via ifeel/Facebook

You know that FB photo album comparing harmful calories of CNY snacks to a bowl of innocent white rice? C'mon now, let's get real...

Image via ifeel/Facebook

It takes a certain kind of willpower to eat JUST one slice of bak gua

Eating melt-in-your-mouth kuih bangkit is as effortless as not going to the gym

Only 10 prawn rolls?! How to survive?

Best time to eat nian gao is when they're still warm and crispy. Mmm...

Ain't no kuih bahulu like fish-shaped kuih bahulu

Eat 5 crispy honeycombs in one minute? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Technically speaking, half of a layer cake could be a slice too...

Gotta have nuts to snack on while watching CNY movies!

Taking ages to make, but just seconds to devour!

Hey, they're good for cooling down from the CNY heat right?

Eh? Got fruit cake during CNY, meh?

When was the last time you actually had this American-invented snack, used to trick the world into thinking that it's what Chinese people eat?

One last thing... You know these snacks are only appetisers before someone brings out buckets of nga ku chips, right?

Since we're being real here, see what desperation can do to Chinese kids who fear nagging parents:

Afraid that you might indulge too much during CNY? No fear! There's always the gym, or other workout alternatives:

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