Internet Is Hysterical After This 'Abang' Spotted Someone Who Looked Exactly Like Him

"When you attend a wedding and you see your clone."

Cover image via Facebook

Weddings are often a joyous time centred around the bride and groom.

Two 'special' guests, however, stole the spotlight at a recent wedding in Selangor.

On Sunday, 8 September, 29-year-old Azly Yusof was attending a childhood friend's wedding when he had the surprise of his life.

During the group photo-taking session, Azly spotted another guest who looked exactly like him – even down to his red T-shirt, bald head, and glasses!

Image via Facebook

The hilarious moment was caught on camera and posted on Facebook by Amir Zulfadhli Zulkifly, garnering over 8,300 shares.

His caption translated: "When you attend a wedding and you see your clone."

Image via Facebook

According to The Daily Mail, the doppelgänger was the groom's friend from work.

"They look like twins, but they're not related in any way," Amir told the portal.

"We are planning to arrange a meeting for the two to see each other again and this time we could take a picture of them together."

Azly couldn't help but laugh. His friends couldn't help but laugh. And the Internet? Well, the Internet has lost it.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Watch the funny moment below:

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