Watch This Kid's Funny Reaction After Smelling Her Own Bantal Busuk

We feel you, kid.

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If you grew up with a bantal busuk or chou chou, you probably enjoyed the comfort it offered whenever you held it

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Whether it was a soft blanket, a worn-out pillow/bolster, or a tattered stuffed toy, there was nothing like drifting off to sleep with it in your arms.

Which explains why parting with our bantal busuk can be really difficult. Some of y'all still living with yours till today. It's okay, so do I. :p

If you're one of those, you'll probably relate to this kid who had the best reaction after her dad playfully threatened to throw away her bantal busuk

On Tuesday, 14 July, Muhd Fyairees Syalihin shared an adorable video of how he tried to take his daughter's bantal busuk away.

"It's way too smelly, let's throw it," he tells her. To which Aldariya replies, "Tak mau (don't want)" and clings on to it for dear life.

Not wanting to believe her dad about the smell, the one-and-a-half-year-old then decides to take a big whiff of her pillow and exclaims, 'Bleurghhh!'

Fyairees attempts to playfully take it away again. And Aldariya snatches it back, immediately puts two fingers into the air, and cheekily says, 'Peace!'

Unable to contain his laughter, Fyairees bursts into a chuckle, which also causes Aldariya to giggle at their mini 'squabble'.

He asks her to smell the bantal busuk one more time and she gives the same reaction before distracting him by asking for milk. Clever girl. :p

His video has been retweeted over 39,900 times and has received over 47,500 likes since 14 July.

You can watch it below:

Meanwhile, this other kid didn't have the best time finding out his mum threw his chou chou into the wash:

Would you do anything for your chou chou? Here's a Malaysian who took his all the way to China:

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