2-Year-Old Cried His Heart Out After Mum Threw His Bantal Busuk In The Washing Machine

Bantal busuk owners can relate. :(

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Anyone who's held on to their chou chou / bantal busuk for years knows there's nothing more comforting than taking a big whiff of that heavenly smell after a long day

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Whether it's a pillow from your days as a baby or a super penyet "bo bo" (bolster), our precious chou chous have been with us through thick and thin, "marinated" with a scent that's uniquely yours and yours only.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm sure all bantal busuk owners can agree that changing the cover or - God forbid - washing it is pretty much a crime.

Which is why we're relating so hard to this two-year-old who looked like his entire world had been snatched away after his mum put his precious pillow into the washing machine

The video may have gone viral in September last year, but its impact is forever. 

Not gonna lie, I still panic whenever my mum threatens to wash my bolster so I totally feel your pain, little guy. :(

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You can watch the endearing (and totally heartbreaking) video here:

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Have you ever felt the pain of losing your precious bantal busuk's smell to the wash? Let us know how you dealt with it in the comments section below!

Changing covers or putting chou chous in the wash may be straight up no-nos, but not all makeovers are bad:

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