This Childhood Doraemon Soft Toy Got A Complete Makeover And People's Hearts Are Melting

It even came back with a cute note that said "Tadaima!".

Cover image via Twitter @Ydon9

Japanese people seem to have a soft spot for children's toys, as yet another Twitter user proves

On 30 December, Twitter user @Ydon9 shared a sweet story of how they found an old Doraemon soft toy they've owned from their childhood days.

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

"Doraemon, who was with me from the time of birth, finally got dying and despaired," read the tweet.

It was clearly a very well-loved toy, because Doraemon's entire face was completely gone:

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

Apart from its face, even its tail had dropped off somewhere.

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

But Doraemon was about to undergo a complete transformation, as its owner shipped it off to a friend!

First, the friend gave Doraemon a well-deserved bath:

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

Then it was time for restoration, à la 'Toy Story':

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

With the power of friendship and mad sewing skills, Doraemon came out looking like a whole new toy:

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

The owner's friend even sewed on a new tail for it!

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

If that wasn't cute enough, the friend even wrote a short note that was attached with Doraemon for his homecoming

Image via Twitter @Ydon9

The note had a little Doraemon doodle saying, "Tadaima! (I'm home!)"

Although it seemed like an ordinary story, many netizens were touched by the care and detail that went in to restoring Doraemon

"Thank you for the tweets. A few tears came out," said Twitter user @satoru_rt.

Another user said, "The heart that cherishes things, the New Year warmed up quickly."

"Tears came out! Okaerinasai (welcome back)!" another user wished.

Hopefully Doraemon will get a companion next?

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