Donald Duck Toy That's Been Living Alone In A Japanese Museum For 30 Years Now Has A BFF

It's a Christmas miracle!

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If you know about the forgotten Donald Duck toy, which has been cared for by Japanese museum staff over the last 30 years, then you're gonna love this update

The staff at Chido Museum in Yamagata, Japan tweeted photos of them giving a forgotten Donald Duck toy a bath and new knitted clothes earlier this month, which quickly went viral.ο»Ώ

The soft toy had been under their "care" for 30 years and the innocence of the whole incident melted hearts across the globe.

In fact, one Twitter user even said they wanted to "buy a Daisy Duck from Disneyland and bring it closer to (Donald Duck's) side".

Well, it seemed that such a wish actually came true!

On Friday, 21 December, Donald Duck received a very special package.

Yeaps, someone really sent a brand new Daisy Duck to keep Donald company!

With such a surprised expression on Donald's face and him looking snazzy in his new hand-knitted Christmas suit, it's just too cute to handle.

The surprise package was addressed directly to "The Chido Museum Donald Duck"

SoraNews24 reported that a Tokyo Disney Resort postcard was attached to the package, with a handwritten note that read:

"To Donald, who's been all alone for 30 years. Here's Daisy, who'll be a friend to you from now on."

The museum has not revealed who the mysterious sender of the package is.

What a truly special Christmas gift for Donald Duck!

As Christmas rolled around, the lovely couple was also gifted a cake to celebrate the season:

According the Chido Museum's tweet, the cake was given by the director of the museum.

What a way to end the year!

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