This Japanese Museum Has Been Taking Care Of Someone’s Lost Donald Duck Toy For 30 Years

They even knitted him a new outfit, oh my heart.

Cover image via Twitter @chido1950 (Edited by SAYS)

Warning: excessive cuteness ahead!

Recently, the staff at Chido Museum in Yamagata, Japan decided to give a left-behind Donald Duck soft toy a bath - and now netizens are losing it from the cuteness of it all.

Here is Donald Duck before his bath:

Looking a little bit like a jailbird, eh.

Image via Twitter @chido1950

According to Sora News 24, Donald Duck was found in the museum's parking lot and staff kept it in the lost and found area with the hope of reuniting it with its owner.

Rub-a-dub duck! :D

What makes the story even more amazing is that employee who runs Chido Museum's Twitter account is the same employee who found the soft toy all those years ago.

The employee had left the company 10 years after Donald Duck was found, then rejoined the company five years ago, only to realise the toy was still sitting in the lost and found area.

Post-bath time and now Donald Duck is soaking in some sunshine after 30 years spent indoors:

And now here he is, looking all clean and adorable in his new outfit knitted by the staff:

The museum's staff hopes the tweet will help reunite Donald Duck with his likely now-adult owner.

In the meantime, Donald has a rotating schedule to keep various staff company during their shifts. :D

The little tale has warmed the hearts and made the day for many netizens

The tweet received more than 13,000 retweets and 24,000 hearts at the time of writing.

"My heart is full. It is not mine, but I want to thank you."

"If the owner finds this, it will become a movie..."

"I want to buy a Daisy Duck from Disneyland and bring it closer to (Donald Duck's) side."

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