Watch What Happens When A Camera's Frame Rate Is Perfectly Synced To A Helicopter's Blades

What trickery is this?!

Cover image via Chris Chris via YouTube

Do you know what happens when a camera's frame rate is perfectly synchronised with a flying helicopter's rotor blades? It makes the copter appear as if it's hovering in the air without its blades moving.

It's one of those phenomena that may appear weird to the uninitiated but isn't.

The blades appear as if they are frozen, but they aren't

The whole thing is due to the camera's shutter speed and frame rate, which can distort the appearance of spinning objects when perfectly synchronised.

Watch the video here:

It's a pretty interesting sight for someone who may see something like this for the first time. On the other hand, as this Redditor remarked, if this was the first video seen by an alien civilisation they would have a hard time making sense of our technology. :D

Speaking of helicopters, a Mi-8 military chopper, carrying four rocket pods, descended on a snowy highway to ask for directions:

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