We Built The LEGO Batwing And It Is Exactly What Every Batman Stan Deserves

You either die a hero, or live long enough to assemble a 2,363-piece set masterpiece.

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Feast your eyes on The LEGO Group's latest release, the LEGO Batwing from the classic 1989 Tim Burton movie!

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Majestic, isn't it? Here's a crash course for all you Batman-noobs out there: the Batwing is essentially an air combat vehicle which was custom built by - you guessed it - Batman.

In the comics it was called the 'Batplane' but Tim Burton decided to name it the Batwing for his film Batman (1989), which honestly has a better ring to it - and evidently, everyone else thought so too.

Our friends at LEGO sent over the LEGO Batwing for us to build ourselves. We decided to wing it (no pun intended).

At first, we were confident it was going to be finished in no time. That is, until we unpacked the contents and realised that 2,363 LEGO bricks... was a lot of pieces to work with.  

Build the Batwing, they said. It's gonna be easy, they said.

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As we began to assemble the Batwing piece by piece, another revelation was that it was MUCH bigger than we were anticipating. It measures over 11cm high, 52cm long, and 58cm wide.

Despite its size, it has a special brick which allows you to mount the LEGO Batwing on your wall.

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The reason why the LEGO Batwing looks amazing is because of its complex build. Upon careful inspection, you will be able to see that the design includes a full interior, a removable canopy, and posable aerodynamic flaps.

Aside from having great attention to detail and being a solid build, it also comes with exclusive minifigures, most notably Batman himself as well as The Joker!

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Check out our video of us assembling the LEGO Batwing:

Aaaaand here is the finished product!

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The LEGO Batwing is made for adults over the age of 18. The retail price for this product is RM849.90.

If you would like to get your hands on the LEGO Batwing model, you can find it at LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND in Malaysia.

For more information, visit LEGO's official website here.

Huuuge thanks to LEGO for this spectacular LEGO Batwing set. It truly is a satisfying build!

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