"Banana Leaf Rice, No Curry" And 16 More Weird Orders Malaysians Have Actually Made IRL

How to eat like this lah?!

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Malaysians love our food more than anything else, but some of us have some... unusual requests when ordering:

1. "Nasi lemak, no sambal"

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Not syok lah without the sambal!

2. "Ice lemon tea, no ice"

Image via HapeHepi

Err... just order it suam?

3. "Hawaiian pizza, no pineapple"

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What's the point of ordering a Hawaiian pizza if you're going to remove the thing that makes it Hawaiian?

4. "Ais kacang tanpa kacang"

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Bye bye yummy toppings!

5. "Cendol kosong"

Image via Dee

But... but... what's the point?

6. "Banana leaf rice, no curry"

If you don't banjir your banana leaf rice with curry, you're not doing it right.

7. "Dry wantan mee, no sauce"

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Where got flavour liddat?

8. "Prawn mee, no prawn"

Poor prawns, kena halau.

9. "Ramly burger, patty only"

Haiyo, liddis oso can!

10. "Dhal, tambah gula"

We all have fond memories of eating roti canai with sugar as a kid, but mixing sugar into the dahl is just taking it too far man.

11. "Condensed milk + hot water"

Image via Incense Travel

We can't even imagine what this would taste like...

12. "Nasi lemak, no lemak"

Image via McKantin

Basically, this means replacing the coconut rice with plain white rice. Why would you disgrace our national dish like this guys, WHYYYY?!

13. "Limau + kicap"

Okaylah, this one can give chance a bit cause it's supposedly a good home remedy for coughs.

14. "Bandung dinosaur" (Sirap bandung topped with Milo powder)


15. "Raw egg + sugar"

Image via Pinterest

What happened to good old fashioned kopitiam style eggs? :(

16. "Onion rings, no onion"

Image via Our Best Bites

It's definitely not "batter" than normal onion rings, k.

17. "Char kuey teow kosong"

Image via eldarwena

Just know that all Penangites are collectively plotting your murder.

Have you or anyone you know placed any weird orders before? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

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