10 Extreme Phone Pinching Attempts That Will Leave You With Nothing But Sweaty Palms

Because nothing makes you feel more alive than dangling your thousand-ringgit phone over a ledge.

Cover image via Instagram @iloveulmart

There's been a fair share of odd fads on the interwebs, and here comes yet another mind-boggling viral challenge: extreme phone pinching!

Here's how it works:
1) Hold your phone with just your thumb and pointer finger over a location you really wouldn't want it to fall into
2) Get someone's help to snap a photo a of you putting your (presumably expensive) phone in harm's way

And perhaps that's just the dose of adrenaline rush these courageous folks crave:

1. This mad chef who's a sweaty slip away from making smartphone fritters

2. This adventurer who's living life on the edge a little too literally

3. This daring driver who decided his routine drive home needed a little pizazz

4. This confident chap who's spicing up his bathroom breaks

5. This bada*s on a bridge

Image via Max Funke

6. This brave soul who had grate expectations for the phone to survive

7. This dude with supernaturally strong nails

8. This trend-follower who was given a timely slap by Mother Nature herself

9. This easy-going girl who doesn't need much for amusement, just random cavities in floors

10. This guy who took the phone pinching thing a little too far...

Brace yourself! It looks like the trend is starting to hit Malaysia...

Kawan suh buat phone pinching, sekali phone jatuh.. haha.. tau pun rasa bersalah.. kat TS tu ada Umobile.. boleh dah nak p usha baru slow2.. ganti balik..!*Brader tu sebut “phone pinching”.. mende pe tu sebenarnya?

Posted by Siakap Keli on Saturday, 28 November 2015

Yeah, probably shouldn't have agreed to that bet...

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