What Would You Do If You Received A Video Call... And It's Not From A Person?

Technology can be cool, but sometimes it can also be just a little too terrifying.

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Remember the story that blew up all over Reddit about a guy who started receiving FB messages from his girlfriend who had died in a horrific car crash?

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The messages received were all recycled from their previous conversations, until a spine-tingling word started to make an appearance: "freezing".
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Things take an even creepier turn when "Emily" started tagging herself in photos, and sent this terrifying shot of him from outside his room:

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While debates on whether or not it was a hoax continue, some evil geniuses are kicking up the technological horror a notch with these merciless pranks:

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As if it's not creepy enough that your phone picks up on supernatural conversations, things take an even more chilling turn at the 1:13 mark

When a Macbook and a projector are put to extremely evil use, expect life-long trauma each time bedtime rolls around

Now, what would happen if we Malaysians were at the brunt of a paranormal prank?

Imagine receiving a phone call, and noticing the person on the other end... is hardly human.

Can these Malaysians take it? Watch the reactions here:

Paranormal Activity :THE GHOST DIMENSION Prank video

What would you do if you received a video call… and it’s not from a person? Would you be terrified? What would you do? Watch and comment below. Mark your calendars - #ParanormalActivity: The Ghost Dimension coming soon in cinemas 29 October 2015

Posted by United International Pictures Malaysia on Monday, 26 October 2015

Things also take a technologically-eerie turn in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Right up your alley? Catch it in cinemas starting 29th October 2015! Here's a little taste for the paranormal investigator in you.

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