Watch What Happens When A Husband Comes Home To Find His Wife With Another Penguin

Savagery ensues.

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Nat Geo's official channel on Twitter posted a less than a 3-minute-long video of a husband coming home to find his wife with another penguin. The video, with Nat Geo's wild AF commentary, quickly took the Twitterati with storm!

Titled, "Animal Fight Night: Homewrecking Penguin", the footage is not your usual run-of-the-mill video showing cute animals being, well, cute.

It is, in fact, unlike anything you might have ever seen. It's bloody in all its literal sense.

As per the narrator, when the husband comes home to find his wife with another penguin, "he flips out. His strategy is simple: batter the homewrecker."

The narrator then informs us that penguins have solid bones in their flippers, which the husband and the homewrecking penguin — in their fight to the near-death — use like "baseball bats" to beat each other into bloody pulps.

While the video is bloody, what's truly heartbreaking is that when the brawl ends in a stalemate and they call the female penguin to choose whom she would go home with, she picks the homewrecker.

And not just once, she does the same the second time she is called by her husband in his last ditch attempt to salvage his defeat at the flippers of the homewrecker penguin.

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Watch the video here:

It ends with the saddest penguin walk of shame ever.

PS: Use headphones so that you don't miss out on the wild AF commentary.

And these tweets best capture how we would react:

Honestly, though, in the end all we want to know is this:

On the other hand, a slightly over a 2-minute-long video involving a hatchling iguana making a run for its life on an island full of some scary looking snakes is currently taking the Internet by storm:

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