This Video Of A Hatchling Iguana Dodging Death In An Island Full Of Snakes Is Thrilling AF

It's possibly the greatest scene in documentary history.

Cover image via BBC

A slightly over a 2-minute-long video footage that involves a hatchling sea iguana making a run for its life on an island full of some scary looking snakes is currently taking the Internet by storm

The footage is from Planet Earth II, the BBC's upcoming sequel to its documentary series Planet Earth narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

It features an absolutely thrilling AF chase scene you can ever imagine: a hatchling sea iguana makes a run for its life in the midst of an island full of snakes.

It's dramatic, exciting, and gripped with enough tension to make you hold-your-breath.

Image via BBC

It's something you must watch to believe how intense it is:

PS: Do put on your earphones to enjoy the action-packed scene with epic music.

Twitter, as usual, had some amazing reaction to it:

It appears animal documentaries are getting creative with how to get people to watch them. A couple of days ago, this happened:

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