If You CANNOT TAHAN DURIANS, You're The Only One Who Knows These 19 Struggles

It's not easy being the minority group in Malaysia.

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1. The durian season is your nightmare because those evil, pungent, thorny fruits are everywhere

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2. It's not like you can escape them either because the smell is just SO STRONG

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You try your best to avoid them, but the smell just lingers around and follows you like an unwelcome stalker.

3. You've lost count the number of times you were asked, "Why you don't like durians ah?!"

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Whatever reasons you give, they still won't be satisfied with your answer anyway. How to win?

4. When your family is hacking away at the durians and you can smell them even all the way from upstairs

You have to find the sweet spot in the house that doesn't smell of it. It's like being a prisoner in your own home.

5. And you're just praying that they won't put the durians into the fridge

Because EVERYTHING in the fridge will smell like durian. Even the ice.

6. All the durian lovers around you keep trying to 'convert' you

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If you didn't know any better, you would've thought they were from a cult.

7. Everyone likes to tease you and watch your reaction when they wave durian anything in front of your face

8. And try to trick you into eating durian-infused things

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C'mon, the smell gives it away. We ain't fools!

9. When there are durians in the car boot and you have to breathe through your mouth

Can you imagine durians in the car on a hot day?! And the smell doesn't go away for DAYS!

10. They will say things like, "It's nice what" and "It will grow on you" to convince you

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11. When people actually feel personally insulted when they find out you don't like durians

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Hey man, this isn't personal. It's not me, it's the durians.

12. When they're done eating durians, they threaten to rub their smelly hands all over you or make you smell them

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There should be a special place in hell reserved for these people.

13. They also think it's funny to burp their durian breath on you

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14. But the worst has to go to the durian fart...

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15. You're subjected to absurd statements like, "You don't like durian? You're not Malaysian lah!"

Didn't know that having a love for durians is a requirement to be a Malaysian. :(

16. Your company organises a durian party and you can't join in on the 'fun'

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Yup, the SAYS team actually had a durian party and said writer did not participate because she did not want to be subjected to some serious nostril abuse.

17. You have to be prepared for the next day because they're going to stink up the toilet

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18. When someone tries to kiss you after eating durians

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19. You have to help your enthusiastic friends and family take photos like this

Oh btw, we have a durian guide, not that you would need it unless you're like, a durian lover (ugh!)

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