Which Celebs Are Seeing The Same Colour As You? #TheDress

Folks on the Internet are divided between #TeamWhiteGold and #TeamBlueBlack. So at this time of turmoil, what can we turn to other than the words of celebrities!

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Of all things to break the Internet. It came down to the colour of one dress. And not even a nice one. Let's see if the celebrities are #TeamWhiteGold or #TeamBlueBlack.

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Alyssa Milano tells it straight with just three words

Anna Kendrick is seeing white and gold... is Jimmy Fallon

Rebecca Black is seeing white and gold, despite having black literally in her name!

Meanwhile, seeing this dress is driving Kat Dennings insane!

Don't worry, #TeamBlueBlack Mindy Kaling is on your side!

Even if it seems to be ruining her friendships

We hope Kim K and Kanye will manage to work this problem out. #staystrongkimye

Josh Groban seems to have a differing opinion from fellow musician buddy Sara Bareilles as well

Demi Lovato assured us at SAYS that our office isn't the only place at war about this

Jaden Smith joins in the blue and black bandwagon. For now...

Eat your hearts out, white and gold Beliebers!

Frankie Muniz feels very VERY strongly about his opinion. #teamblueblack

We wonder if John Legend agrees with his wife

Hmm, technically Ariana Grande is #TeamBlueBlack right?

Mark Hoppus thinks if it's not blue and black, it's bullsh*t

If Taylor Swift says the dress is blue and black then we guess it's blue and black

Meanwhile, confused Lucy Hale is confused...

...just like fellow actress and singer, Zendaya

Oh, Rob Lowe. What do you see now?

But the most confused one out of all has to be Elizabeth Banks

And alas, Josh Groban speaks the truth!

Confused all throughout the story? Get with the program!

So, why exactly is the dress appearing differently to different people? Get the answers to the burning question here:

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