Who Is The Real Lee Chong Wei In This Photo? Netizens Debate.

"Nice photo. But I confused... Which one is LCW?"

Cover image via Lee Chong Wei/Facebook & Chicago Mermaid/Pinterest

When Chinese New Year comes around, posting photos of your family and #OOTDs are common - and the same applies to badminton legend Datuk Lee Chong Wei

In a few Facebook posts, the national hero shared that he spent Chinese New Year this year in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, the place where he grew up.

He celebrated with family and friends, and also caught up with Teh Peng Huat, the badminton coach who spotted and brought LCW under his tutelage.

LCW with Teh, his very first coach.

Image via Lee Chong Wei/Facebook

LCW also caught up with YB Teo Kok Seong and family.

Image via Lee Chong Wei/Facebook

However, as sweet as the posts can be, some netizens actually found it difficult to spot the top badminton player in one of the family pictures.

Because there seemed to be two of him.

"Which one is LCW?" echoed a few Facebook users.

They cannot seem to tell whether LCW was the man on the far left or far right.

"The right one seems to look too young, so it must be the left one, but the left one doesn't really look like Datuk either. It's so confusing," said a netizen.

"The legend Lee and the leftmost person of the picture look like twins," another netizen remarked.

So, can you tell which is the real LCW?

A netizen offered a pretty good clue.

Someone said, "Just focus on the calves. Chong Wei has huge and muscular calf muscles."

And, the lookalike is none other than LCW's older brother, Datuk Lee Chong Hoon

They definitely do look like each other, despite the age difference of eight years.

LCW and family.

Image via Lee Chong Wei/Facebook

Last month, LCW became the first Malaysian athlete to have a wax figure made in his likeness at the famous Madame Tussauds:

LCW also sent netizens abuzz with an adorable Instagram post in November last year:

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