Woman Notified Last Minute Of Vaccination Rushes To Centre Despite Dyeing Hair Halfway

"What's your reason for not getting vaccinated despite being informed last minute?"

Cover image via Thian Siew Kim (Facebook)

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Nothing was going to stop this woman from getting vaccinated... not even her half-dyed hair

After being informed last minute of her vaccination appointment, Thian Siew Kim shares that her mother immediately got ready to head to the centre, half-dyed hair and all.

"What's your reason for not getting vaccinated despite being informed last minute?" she wrote in a Facebook post last week, 16 July, that has garnered over 15,000 shares.

In the post, Thian details the incident, which has left the Internet in stitches.

"This is what went down. I went to get vaccinated today, and when it was about to end, my sister said that she managed to slot in my mother's name to get the vaccination."

"[My sister] wanted my mother to rush there to get vaccinated immediately and told me to wait for her there," she explains.

However, as soon as her mother arrived, Thian noticed that she had been in the middle of dyeing her hair and hadn't washed it off yet.

Angry and confused, she asked her, "What did you do? Don't come if you are dyeing your hair! Why didn't you wash it first?!"

Her mother replied, "I told your sister that I was dyeing my hair! She said that dyeing hair also can get vaccinated. The injection doesn't care about [what's on] my head! [Your sister] said okay means it is okay! Later she scold me. She told me to quickly dress up prettily and come over! I'm here!"

Deciding to just suck it up and have thick skin, Thian entered the centre with her mum for the appointment.

"All the staff thought she was beaten to the point that she was bleeding all over her head. [They thought] the ambulance parked outside was for her."

Thian said that she had to explain to the staff that her Thai mother needed assistance to get vaccinated, as she only speaks Thai.

"Everyone was looking at her hair, and at times, some flies were stuck on it, and I had to help her fan them away! The consultants there kept asking me to make sure she had no problem. 'She is not sick? What's on the hair?' I had to explain that she dyed her hair at home last minute and ran out to get vaccinated! I explained so many times!"

At one point, Thian said she was even suspected of being someone who abused her maid and beat her until she bled. Some even questioned if Thian was her real daughter.

"[They] wanted to check whether my last name matched my mother's last name, which she received after she got married in Malaysia."

At each station, Thian said that she had to explain, "That is hair dye! She is not sick!"

"Everyone thought they were looking at Thai Erawan Buddha. They kept staring at her head! All the station staff kept saying, 'Sawadeeka Sawadeeka Sawadeeka'."

"Instantly, [the place] turned into a tourist area in Thailand. I seemed to have brought Buddha for pilgrimage, and many people came up to see what happened to her head."

According to Thian, the staff even took pictures with her mum. 

At the end of her post, she reiterates that her mum is a Thai who rushed to get vaccinated despite being informed last minute. 

"That courage is worthy of everyone to learn. The country should appoint her as a vaccine ambassador. Hahaha."

You can check out the full Facebook post below:

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