You Can Have An Official Wedding At McDonald's Hong Kong For RM1,600

I McDo.

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If you had a birthday celebration at McDonald's growing up, you were considered the "cool kid".

Apparently, now you can be the "cool adult" and have your 'happily ever after' by getting married at the fast food franchise.

'McWeddings' have been around since 2011 but recently became popular after YouTuber Safiya Nygaard and her fiancé Tyler Williams decided to tie the knot at one of the outlets.

Wanna declare your love over nuggets and fries? McDonald's Hong Kong has wedding packages that start from HKD2,999 (RM1,600) onwards.

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According to CNBC, there are four different wedding packages.

The 'Happiness Party' package, which is the cheapest, includes:
- venue rental for two hours (anytime between 6pm and 10pm),
- basic audio equipment, and
- an emcee.

If you get the deluxe package, it also includes a "romantic" balloon arch, two balloon wedding rings, a bridal bouquet, and a tiered wedding 'cake' stacked with apple pies, among other things

According to the website, you have the option to pick between Chinese or Western decoration.

Image via McDonald's

The fast food franchise can even provide wedding invites, door gifts, and games for the happy couple

In true 'Lady and the Tramp' fashion, Nygaard and Williams were given a fry to share before kissing each other.

And following Chinese tradition, instead of linking arms to sip wine, they drank Coke.

"We started the (McWedding) program because many customers tell us that McDonald's is where they first started dating... McDonald's is where their love stories grew," McDonald's spokeswoman Jessica Lee told CNBC.

McWeddings are currently only available in Hong Kong for now. But hey, if you're ever looking for a fast food wedding, at least you'll know who to count on.

Signed, sealed, McDelivered.

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