You Can Turn Your iPhone X Into iPhone 11 Pro With This RM6 Camera Sticker

You don't have to pay thousands of Ringgit to 'own' an iPhone 11 if you are using an iPhone X now.

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The Internet is selling a fake camera sticker that turns your iPhone X into the latest iPhone 11 instantly without breaking the bank

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For as low as RM6.55, the fake camera sticker fits perfectly on top of iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max models.

It instantly turns your old iPhone X into a brand new iPhone 11 with the camera square bump.

You can choose the sticker with two or three cameras, depending on if you want your old iPhone to either mimic the look of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro.

The sticker comes with flashlight and depth sensor cutouts too

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If you are worried whether the sticker will block off your existing flashlight, fret not

Because one variant found on Shopee promises "no blocking flashlight".

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"iPhone X seconds change iPhone 11 Pro (sic)," one product poster read.

 "Align the lens without hindering the normal use of the original lens," another wrote.

Apparently, the sticker also doubles as a camera protection

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One of the product posters claims that it is made out of light and thin material, which offers an "invisible protection".

The sticker is said to only make your camera bump 0.3mm higher - claiming that it will produce a better photo effect due to the "smooth mirror and strong light transmittance".

There are multiple colours to choose from so that your 'new iPhone 11' will look convincing

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Prices can go up to RM54, which comes with a phone case that fits your new phone shape.

The product is available on Shopee, Lazada, and AliExpress.

It is stated on AliExpress that the product will ship from China.

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