10 Things You Could Buy With RM6,899 Instead Of The New iPhone 11 Pro Max

Cos RM6,899 is more than ten times my salary.

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The brand new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max will be available in Malaysia starting from Friday, 27 September

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The devices come with camera upgrades, an improved Retina display, and even a new variety of colours to choose from.

But as expected from the tech giant, the phones will probably cost you two arms and two legs, as prices start from RM4,899 for the iPhone 11 all the way up to RM6,899 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Come on, RM6,899 is a crazy amount to spend on a phone.
For broke b*tches like me, here are other things you can buy instead for the same amount of cash:

1. 16 new iPhone 6's

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Based on, you can get an Apple iPhone 6 for as low as RM417. So, with RM6,899, you can get at least SIXTEEN of them. The phone was released five years ago, in September 2014, and I'm still using mine.

2. 1,815 pieces of Burger Ramly

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The standard price of a delicious, juicy, burger daging double special is RM3.80. You could buy almost TWO THOUSAND Ramly burgers with the same amount of money you'd spend on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

3. Ten monthly payments for a spanking new 2019 Myvi

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The Myvi is a beast on the road and according to Perodua Best Deals, the monthly cost of a Myvi 1.5 is only RM685. So, you can pay for a Myvi for at least 10 months instead of buying the new iPhone.

4. 726 medium sets of the Double Cheeseburger at McDonald's

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Or, a few hundreds of anything else from the McDonald's menu.

5. A trip to Japan, with a little extra to go shopping

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If you spend your money on this seven days, five nights package by, you'll still have RM2,000 to use for shopping. An iPhone can last you a few years but memories of a holiday can last you forever.

6. 461 cups of venti Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks

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You could buy 461 frappuccinos. Maybe not all at a time. Consume at your own risk.

7. 25 years of Spotify Premium for Family

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With RM6,899, you can pay for 307 months. And that's for 6 people to share!

8. Over seven months worth of rent for a studio apartment in Damansara Perdana

Can you believe that a month's rent of a partly furnished home at a prime location is only 1/7 the price of a single phone?

9. Pay an intern at your office for seven months

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Although Syed Saddiq has championed for government sectors to raise the allowance of their interns to RM900 a month, many interns at private companies are still earning a little less.

So instead of that iPhone, you can pay an intern at least RM900 for seven months and still have extra to throw the office a party!

10. Literally 6,899 roti canai

Image via Murni Discovery

At a lot of places, roti canai is still just RM1. Roti canai > iPhone anytime. 

What else would you rather buy with RM6,899? Let us know in the comments section!

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