This RM30 Traveller SIM Card Allows You To Roam For Seven Days In 15 Countries

You can get 4GB high-speed Internet data.

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Travelling overseas soon and need data?

AirAsia is now offering a traveller SIM card pack for as low as RM30 and it is valid for seven days.

Unlike other roaming plans, the travelling SIM card allows you to roam in several countries for one price

This is especially useful if you are travelling to multiple countries at once.

However, take note that these are data-only SIM cards and you won't be able to SMS or make calls.

If you need more data, you can purchase it via the Tune Talk app which accepts FPX, credit, and debit card payments. Each person can buy up to five SIM cards.

There are two packs available, each one inclusive of 4GB of high-speed data and applicable in a range of countries

The red pack allows you to roam in 15 countries. These countries are:

- Malaysia, 
- Thailand,
- Indonesia,
- Singapore,
- Australia,
- New Zealand,
- Cambodia, 
- Hong Kong SAR,
- Macau SAR,
- Bangladesh,
- Sri Lanka, 
- Myanmar,
- Brunei,
- Saudi Arabia, and
- Taiwan (not included in image).

Image via Tune Talk

The black pack, which costs RM60, allows you to roam in seven other countries. These countries are:

- Philippines,  
- China,
- Vietnam,
- Japan, 
- South Korea,
- India, and
- Laos.

Here's how to activate the traveller SIM card:

1. Insert the SIM card into your phone.
2. Ensure that the Access Point Names (APN) setting is "tunetalk" under your network settings.
3. Enable 'data roaming'.
4. Restart your device and you're good to go!

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Image for illustration purposes only.

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You can get the SIM card delivered to your doorstep or pick it up from a kiosk at selected airports

Image via KLIA2

The kiosks are located at:

- KLIA2,
- Senai International Airport,
- Penang International Airport, and
- Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

At the moment, you can't purchase the SIM card from Tune Talk's website, but it is available on Klook for a RM2 discount.

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