Recounting All The Major Times Malaysia's Political Scene Had Us Worried Sick In 2015

IMHO, the political system in Malaysia needs a complete overhaul.

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1. When PM Najib was alleged to have siphoned funds from the debt-ridden 1MDB into his personal bank accounts. Responding to accusations, he said it is a plot to topple him by Dr M and the Opposition. Later, the funds were said to be "political donation".

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2. When AG Abdul Gani, after formal investigations, wanted to pursue charges against PM Najib, the AG was not only removed the next day, several of Najib's critics were replaced in the Cabinet. The PM also put a stop to the investigation by having PAC disbanded.

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3. When Khairuddin Abu Hassan wanted to have international authorities to investigate PM Najib's alleged involvement in the 1MDB scandal, he and his lawyer Matthias were not only barred from leaving the country, both of them were arrested under SOSMA

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4. When the attack on Press Freedom reached new heights with the Home Ministry suspending the publishing permit of The Edge for 3 months. Prior to that, MCMC blocked access to Sarawak Report. Because they were deemed to be a "threat to national security".

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5. When PM Najib dubbed Bersih 4.0 as "shallow-minded" and "demo-crazy". But on the same hand, not only justified the green light Putrajaya gave to the racist "Red Shirt" rally, he called it a "manifestation of the rise of Malays" to defend UMNO and BN.

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6. When everything from a brawl in a mall to issues of health to who wears what and of what length was painted in the colours of racism. To top it all, Education Ministry forced students to answer political propaganda-like questions in their SPM Moral Education paper.

7. When allegations of corruptions became a norm with Malaysia getting a 'D' in the Global Defense Corruption Survey, fairing worse than Singapore. While poor Finance Management cost the government millions of taxpayer's money, YAPEIM was accused of abusing the funds from donations meant for orphans.

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