10 Awesome New Ways To Use Popiah Skin

Bring on the Pepperoni Pizzas and Fried Mars Bars!

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If you're always on the lookout for handy ingredients to have in the kitchen, popiah skin needs to be on your essentials list. Get inspired with some fun ways to use it here:

Whether you're into savoury snacks or sweet treats, there are many different ways you can reinvent the popiah skin. Check out these party-ready Salmon & Avocado Cones:

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The versatile pastry can also be used to create a fun twist on traditional desserts, like these delectable Apam Balik Tarts

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Ready to sink your teeth in these super fun creations? Complete your kitchen adventures with KG Pastry Popiah Skin!

KG Pastry Popiah Skin by Kawan is handy to have in the kitchen for your masak-masak sessions! They're available in several sizes, making it that much more convenient to use.

Besides Popiah Skin, there's a wide range of frozen products by Kawan to choose from, including French Fries, Wedges, Karipap, and Samosa. Get to know more about the KG Pastry line by Kawan here.

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