Starbucks' New Card Costs RM350, But That's Not Stopping Malaysians From Buying It

"Is this card made of gold?"

Cover image via KC Chong

There's a new Starbucks card in Malaysia and it looks pretty amazing

There's only one problem. It costs RM350!

According to Starbucks Malaysia, the new limited edition card is available starting today, 15 March.

Sold at RM350 each, the card comes with a total of RM100 preloaded value.

The golden question here is, what is it made of?

Image via Facebook

Unfortunately, it appears that the card is not made of gold

Image via KC Chong

While Starbucks Malaysia did not state what the card is made of, several netizens have claimed that the card is made of aluminium and plastic.

Still, it's a real beauty and collectors in Malaysia are already flocking the stores to get one for themselves

Purchase is limited to only one card per customer or transaction and the card is only available at selected Starbucks stores in Malaysia.

If you thought that RM350 for a card is expensive, think again. Previously, Starbucks Malaysia sold limited edition cards at RM880 each!

Back in March 2015, Starbucks Malaysia put up 10 pieces of the Limited Edition Sterling Silver Starbucks Card every day for a total of five days. Needless to say, the premium 925 Sterling Silver card engraved with the Starbucks logo costs a lot but that didn't stop people from forking out RM880 to buy one.

This Sterling Silver card was pre-loaded with 18 handcrafted beverages and had no stored value.

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