5 Local Brands That Craft Beautiful Handmade Leather Goods And Watches

These Malaysian-made fashion items are so beautiful and well-crafted, they'll give the international brands a run for their money!

1. Attached Leather Co.

Attached Leather Co. was started by former architects that are passionate about bespoke leather goods. After a few lessons in making leather items, they decided to pursue it full time and started expanding their collection. Be it handcrafted wallets, folios, shoulder bags, journals, or card cases, Attached Leather Co. will cater to all your unique wants.

For Attached Leather Co.'s complete collection, check out this site.

2. Malaya Co

MALAYA=' To Be Free '. Inspired by military functionality &industrial minimalism, we create functional everyday items that provide the freedom of choice.


Check out Malaya Co's complete collection here.

3. Thirtyfour

thirtyfour is an interdisciplinary design practice and lifestyle initiative. Its current design pool weaves together methods from such fields as architecture, metal-smithing, fashion, industrial, graphic, and interactive multimedia design. To date thirtyfour has been occupied with explorations in skin, culminating in three collections of leather accessories that trace life’s various postures.


Check out thirtyfour's complete collection here.

4. Convoy Co

Our philosophy of prioritising quality and durability when choosing materials ensures creations unique to Convoy. We work from a tiny industrial design studio in Malaysia where our design team revise and iterate each design until the final creation is ready for our in-house production. In-house manufacturing, assembly and packaging ensures that that the best processes and materials available are used during the production process. Every creation is humbly packed and sealed before it leaves our studio to you.


Check out Convoy's complete collection here.

5. MEM Watches

MEM WATCHES is a timepiece brand based in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. Starting from humble beginnings in early 2014, the brand has now grown to what it is today.


MEM's watches exhibit simplicity and refreshing designs using a great deal of nude shades to complete the look.

Check out MEM's watches' complete collection here.

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