Which Is The Luckiest Animal In 2024? Here Are The Predictions For The Year Of The Dragon

What does the Year of the Wood Dragon have in store for you?

Cover image via Louis Loh 羅一鳴 (Provided to SAYS) & SAYS

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The Dragon is here to paint the skies with long(龙)-evity and prosperity this Chinese New Year!

To usher in the Year of the Wood Dragon, we have worked with renowned feng shui master Louis Loh to share with you this year's fresh predictions for each zodiac signs.

With over 600,000 followers on Facebook, Loh runs a feng shui consulting company that offers services such as residential and commercial feng shui reading, adult and baby naming, and auspicious wedding date selection, among others.

He has worked with many prominent brands, including Maybank, Mah Sing, S P Setia, EcoWorld, and Mercedes-Benz. He has also been featured on SAYS, the New Straits Times, Nasdaq, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, as well as on 8TV, TV3, and One FM.

Here is a summary of each zodiac sign's fortune predictions:

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1. Rat

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Rats are poised to have a favourable year, ranking sixth in the zodiac overall. Apart from career prospects, you can expect good fortune in other aspects of your life.

Auspicious Stars:

General (将星): With the General Star blessing you, there's an opportunity to your enhance leadership potential. It's a great year for Rats to showcase your leadership abilities in your career. It offers you a chance for significant breakthroughs.

Golden Chamber (金匮): This star will bestow Rats favourable financial prospects. There are opportunities for career advancement, salary increments, and increased business income. It's advisable to focus on improving your financial management and leadership skills.

Inauspicious Stars:
White Tiger (白虎): Rats need to be cautious on the roads. Reckless driving or driving under the influence should be avoided. You should undergo regular health screenings and minor medical procedures to counter the influence of the White Tiger Star.

Sky Warrior (天雄): This star may cause mood swings, leading to potential conflicts with people around you. Improving communication skills and finding stress-relief activities are essential to navigate this inauspicious star.

Peeling Head (披头): The Peeling Head Star indicates numerous trivial matters that may lead to potential disturbances. Rats are advised to practise meditation to cope with minor unrest. Delegating some trivial tasks to others can also ensure your peace of mind.

Overall Fortune: 75%

Wealth fortune: 80%
With the Golden Chamber Star in your life, financial prospects are promising. Focus on enhancing financial and managerial skills.

Health Fortune: 80%
Rats must be cautious of the White Tiger's influence. You should avoid risky activities, and consider undergoing regular health screenings and minor surgeries to mitigate the effect of the star.

Career Fortune: 60%
There's a high chance of Rats getting a promotion this year. Hence, you must enhance your leadership skills to secure your promotion.

Love Fortune: 80%
The Peeling Head Star will likely bring emotional distress to your love life. Practising meditation or learning Qi Men Dun Jia's divination can help alleviate the negative impact of the star.

2. Ox

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Despite facing seven inauspicious stars, Oxen rank third in the zodiac this year, indicating potential for great fortune in terms of wealth and career.

Auspicious Stars:
Jade Hall (玉贵) and Heavenly Virtue (天德): The stars will attract many noble individuals into an Ox's life, bringing assistance that will benefit your career and wealth.

Prosperous Virtue (福德) and Prosperity (福星): These two stars will uplift your reputation, contributing to good fame and financial prospects, respectively.

Inauspicious Stars:
Saddle (扳鞍): This star may bring challenges to the environment around you. To mitigate this, you may need to travel to another place for personal development.

Curled Tongue (卷舌): This star represents gossip. With it affecting you this year, you must learn ways to communicate skillfully and avoid engaging in gossip with your colleagues and friends.

Yin Sha (阴煞) and Solid Sha (的煞): These two stars suggest that you may face unexpected obstacles, possibly due to unresolved issues from the past.

Lonesome (寡宿): This star particularly affects single individuals, which may cause you to feel lonely. It's recommended that you socialise and spend more time with your friends.

More inauspicious stars below.

Clash with Tai Sui: Po Tai Sui (破太岁, "Destruction of Tai Sui")

Overall Fortune:

Wealth fortune: 100%
There are opportunities to see your wealth increase this year, but unexpected financial challenges may arise. Consider turning the influences of the inauspicious stars into opportunities by inviting clients or friends to share a meal so that you can build strong relationships with them.

Health fortune: 80%
The presence of the Crossing Sha (绞煞) Star indicates that some health issues may arise. With that said, you must undergo health screenings, take health supplements, and exercise regularly for overall wellbeing.

Career fortune: 100%
With the Jade Hall and Heavenly Virtue stars, the year is auspicious for your career advancements. You'll receive support from noble individuals to help you build your personal and corporate brands.

Love fortune: 80%
Single individuals, especially women, may experience loneliness due to the influence of the Lonesome Star. Active participation in social activities is advised. For those in committed relationships, the Broken (破碎) Star may bring some emotional complexities. It's crucial that you reflect on your feelings before making any decisions.

3. Tiger

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Tigers will have a relatively good year in 2024, ranking seventh in the zodiac. Your wealth and love fortune will stand out among other aspects of your life.

Auspicious stars:

Thriving (禄勋): The star symbolises recognition and approval in the workplace. You'll receive acknowledgment from superiors, colleagues, or clients. This will likely increase your income due to your outstanding performance.

Sky Horse (驿马): This star indicates that it's a good year to change jobs, relocate, or go on business trips. This will bring you both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Eight Seats (八座): This star will bring stability to your life, but you're advised against being too blunt while talking to people. You must consider other people's feelings to avoid any unwanted disputes.

Inauspicious stars:
Sky Cry (天哭): This star will make you more sensitive to certain emotions. You're advised to surround yourself with people with positive energy and address problems proactively to avoid emotional distress.

Diao Ke (吊客): This star serves as a reminder that you need to be more cautious of your safety during outdoor activities or travels.

Overall Fortune: 70%

Wealth Fortune: 80%
The Thriving Star will bestow you opportunities, allowing you to showcase your abilities. You must maintain a positive attitude and continuously improve yourself to increase your income and performance.

Health Fortune: 60%
The Sky Horse Star recommends you to travel frequently, but you must take care of yourself during your trips. You must avoid unhealthy eating habits, and practise caution during risky activities.

Career Fortune: 60%
You may get recognised for your hard work at your workplace, but you cannot be complacent. You should utilise your auspicious energy to consistently improve yourself and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Love Fortune: 80%
The Eight Seats Star will bless you with 'stable' energy in your romantic relationship, but you're advised against being too blunt while talking to your partner. You must consider your partner's feelings to ensure a year with fewer conflicts.

4. Rabbit

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Rabbits are predicted to have the least favorable fortune in 2024, ranking last in the zodiac. However, with careful attention to signs and thoughtful planning, you may navigate the year with fewer misfortunes.

Auspicious Star:


Inauspicious Stars:

Six Harmful Forces (六害): This star will bring obstacles to Rabbits' lives, which may slow down your career or business development.

Strange Path (陌越): This star symbolises unfamiliar environments. It may sound frightening, but it's an opportunity for you to learn and expand your horizons.

Sickness (病符): You may face some health concerns due to this inauspicious star. Therefore, you should prioritise a healthy lifestyle and make sure you undergo regular health screenings.

Sun Blade (阳刃): This star will influence your emotions, fostering impatience. You need to regulate your emotions better this year to avoid financial and interpersonal issues.

Diao Ke (吊客): With the presence of this inauspicious star in your life, you must handle your interpersonal relationships with people carefully to prevent conflicts.

Clash with Tai Sui: Hai Tai Sui (害太岁, "harm Tai Sui")

Overall Fortune: 20%

Wealth Fortune: 20%
Since you have a clash with Tai Sui, your wealth and fortune will be affected. Therefore, you need to plan ahead, avoid making hasty decisions, and invest prudently.

Career Fortune: 20%

You are likely to face potential changes, such as being exposed to new environments or jobs. To keep up with the changes, you are advised to constantly acquire new knowledge.

Health Fortune: 20%
With the presence of the Sickness Star, you need to pay attention to your surroundings, as well as your lifestyle and diet. Keeping yourself in a positive mood can maintain good health.

Love Fortune: 20%
To mitigate the impact of the inauspicious Sun Blade Star, exercise caution in your romantic relationship. Patience is essential in handling emotional matters, and with effective communication and mutual understanding, you can navigate through 2024 without major issues.

5. Dragon

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If it's your zodiac year, you are likely to experience an average year due to the clash with Tai Sui. Dragons are ranked eighth in the zodiac and have only one auspicious star.

Auspicious Star:
Elegant Seal (华盖): The star will bless you with wisdom, creativity, and talent, enhancing your intellectual capabilities. You should leverage the star to enrol yourself in personal development courses to unleash the potential in you.

Inauspicious Stars:
Three Punishment (三刑) and Sword Edge (剑锋): These two inauspicious stars indicate potential harm and bloodshed in 2024. Hence, you are advised to stay away from any risky activities.

To alleviate the negative effects of the stars, you can also consider donating blood or undergoing any minor surgery. This will ensure the supposed 'bloodshed' will occur on your own terms.

Hidden Corpse (伏尸): This inauspicious star will attract obstacles in your life. Be sure to stay cautious in your day-to-day life.

Yellow Banner (黄幡): This star will likely bring financial losses to you. Therefore, you are advised to refrain from unnecessary expenditures and consider investing in courses for personal development instead.

Clash with Tai Sui: Zuo Tai Sui (坐太岁, "sit on Tai Sui")
Due to the clash with Tai Sui, Dragons may experience heightened scrutiny from influential figures, such as bosses, superiors, clients, or elders.

While this may pose challenges, performing well under their observation could lead to positive outcomes.

Overall Fortune: 50%

Financial fortune: 60%
The Yellow Banner Star may lead to significant financial loss. To navigate this, it is recommended that you plan your spending wisely and allocate funds to areas that bring tangible benefits, such as investing in various training courses for personal development.

Health fortune: 40%
The presence of the Three Punishment and Sword Edge Stars in 2024 suggests a potential risk of harm and bloodshed. To mitigate these negative influences, prioritise traffic safety, avoid engaging in dangerous activities, and undergo regular health screenings. Donating blood and undergoing minor surgery may help you gain more control over your health fortune.

Career Fortune: 60%
Despite the clash with Tai Sui, you have the opportunity to turn things in your favour by leveraging the attention of your bosses and superiors. Achieving remarkable successes under their scrutiny can lead to recognition and open up more opportunities for you.

Love Fortune: 40%
With the auspicious Elegant Seal Star, you should express your creativity and uniqueness in your romantic relationship. Your love life shouldn't be rigid. Incorporate fun and exciting activities in your dates to create new sparks for both you and your partner.

6. Snake

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Snakes are expected to have a prosperous year in 2024, particularly in terms of wealth, career, and love. This places you in the second position in the zodiac for the Year of the Dragon.

Auspicious Stars:
Intelligence (文昌): This star represents intelligence and wisdom. With the blessing of the star, Snakes will be able to score well in exams and easily acquire new knowledge. If you ever thought of enrolling in courses or furthering your studies, this is the year for you to do so.

Heavenly Chef (天厨): Food brings people together, especially in Asian culture. Therefore, this star represents good interpersonal relationships. You'll be able to foster lasting memories with friends this year, all while sharing enjoyable meals together.

Sky Happiness (天喜): This star is a herald of more joyous events in your life in 2024. With this auspicious blessing, it's a good year for you to get married or acquire a new property. If you have a few goals you want to achieve, it's a good time to start working on them.

Sun (太阳): This auspicious star will attract noble individuals into your life, particularly benefiting male Snakes. In the coming year, channel your efforts into planning and advancing your career, as the presence of noble individuals will contribute to the smooth progress of your endeavours.

Inauspicious Stars:
Sky (天空): This inauspicious star indicates potential conflicts with those around you. It's advisable to steer clear of disputes to minimise the risk of offending others.

Gu Chen (孤辰): This star acts as a reminder to male Snakes to display amiability to improve relationships with your family and friends.

Robbery Sha (劫杀): This star symbolises financial loss and bloodshed. You must remain cautious in your day-to-day life.

Bad Qi (晦气):
 This star is associated with negative energy that could pose obstacles to your plans. Fortunately, the auspicious Sun and Intelligence stars may provide blessings, turning potential big obstacles into small hurdles, and minor challenges into non-issues.

Overall Fortune Score: 95%

Wealth Fortune: 100%
2024 is an exceptional year for growing your wealth, with the Sun star helping you attract support from noble individuals.

Health Fortune: 80%
Watch out for potential blood-related issues as premonished by the Robbery Sha Star. You can try undergoing regular blood tests to mitigate the negative effect, and you are advised to avoid high-risk activities this year.

Career Fortune: 100%
The Intelligence Star will enhance your learning abilities, providing an opportunity for intellectual growth. It's a great year to acquire new skills for career advancement.

Love Fortune: 100%
The Gu Chen Star emphasises the importance of amiable behaviour, which is required to improve your relationships with people. On top of that, with the blessing from the Sky Happiness Star, it's a favourable year for marriage. For single Snakes, you are likely to find someone you love this year.

7. Horse

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Horses are predicted to have a relatively challenging year, ranking 10th in the zodiac. However, the most promising aspect of their life in 2024 is expected to be their career fortune.

Auspicious Stars:
Sky Relief (天解): This star serves as a protection for you this year, aiding in mitigating the negative effects of inauspicious stars. It will also help you find ways to avoid misfortune, provided you are aware of the potential challenges posed by the inauspicious stars.

Inauspicious Stars:
Mourning Door (丧门) and Up And Down (浮沉): The Mourning Door Star represents negative emotions, while the Up and Down Star represents mood swings and fluctuating fortune. Participating in charitable activities can help mitigate some of the negative effects.

Additionally, meditating in areas with 'sun' energy can help increase your positive qi. You are advised to actively take these calculated steps to improve your fortune.

Di Ci (地雌), Earth Funeral (地丧), Big Sha(大杀), Blood Knife (血刃): These inauspicious stars are related to health. You must maintain a healthy eating habit, undergo regular health screenings, and be cautious when using sharp tools or machinery.

Fei Lian (飞廉): This star may attract gossip and disputes. You should form a mentor-mentee relationship and build strong relationships with helpful friends to turn negative conversations into rewarding ones.

Calamity Sha (灾杀): This star symbolises harm and financial loss. Therefore, you need to be cautious to avoid scams. When investing, you must conduct your due diligence to avoid being swindled.

Overall Fortune: 30%

Wealth Fortune: 20%
The Calamity Sha Star is likely to impact your wealth fortune. To avoid financial loss, you must conduct thorough research and exercise scrutiny on projects or companies you want to invest in to prevent any misfortune from happening.

Health Fortune: 20%
There are four health-related inauspicious stars pestering you in 2024. Hence, you must take extra care for existing health conditions and wear protection when using any dangerous tools or machinery.

Career Fortune: 60%
Due to the negative influence of the Up And Down Star, your career will not be stable. You need to practise patience this year. If you want to make any major changes to your life, you need to wait for the right time. However, for smaller plans, you can proceed without worry.

Love Fortune: 20%
The negative emotions brought by the Mourning Door Star may affect your romantic relationship negatively. It's advised that you participate in charitable events to mitigate the effects. Mediation can help replenish positive energy and improve overall fortune.

8. Goat

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The year 2024 promises to be dynamic for Goats, offering a blend of challenges and opportunities. Hence, Goats secure the fifth luckiest spot among the 12 zodiacs animals.

Auspicious Stars:
Heavenly Nobleman (乙贵): The star will attract powerful and capable noble individuals into your life. They're likely to help you by offering guidance or even financial support.

Moon (太阴): This is an auspicious star, especially for female Goats. It'll bring overall prosperity and success. Male Goats can also benefit from the star as long as you get along well with your female clients or superiors.

Inauspicious Stars:
Piercing Rope (贯索): The Piercing Rope Star represents a sense of being ensnared, impacting you adversely due to negative thoughts. In 2024, you'll likely face challenges that you cannot covercome. Hence, to mitigate that, you are encouraged to pick up new knowledge to shift the focus away from the negative energy and avoid falling into depression.

Sui Sha (岁杀): This star represents potential financial loss. You can try sending gifts to your noble individuals in your life or invest in personal growth through education to counter the inauspicious star.

Hook Spirit (勾神): This star may lead to you hesitate and become indecisive in your romantic relationship. It's advisable to promptly consider and decide on matters that concern you and your partner to avoid wasting precious time.

Overall Fortune: 75%

Wealth Fortune: 80%
Instead of allowing the Sui Sha Star to lead to unforeseen financial losses, you can proactively spend the money to stay in control. Consider treating your noble individuals to meals or sending them gifts, strengthening your relationships with them.

Health Fortune: 80%
You must pay special attention to your mental health, as the Piercing Rope Star will create a feeling of being tied up within you. You should avoid overthinking and shift the attention away by learning new skills.

Career Fortune: 80%
With two auspicious 'nobleman' stars, especially with the blessing of the Heavenly Nobleman Star, you must socialise more in 2024. Going to networking events and learning from noble individuals will help you avoid stagnation. You should embrace opportunities for growth.

Love Fortune: 60%
The Hook Spirit Star may lead you to overthink, causing hesitation in making accurate emotional judgments. The longer this persists, the less ideal the situation becomes. Therefore, this year calls for decisiveness. If you've already considered the matter thoroughly, all that remains is to take action.

9. Monkey

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Monkeys will face a challenging year ahead with the presence of six inauspicious stars causing disruptions. You are ranked ninth in the zodiac.

Auspicious Stars:
Three stages (三台): The star will improve three facets of your life, namely your interpersonal relationships with people around you, your leadership, and your wealth. The star will not only bless you in your career, but also your love fortune.

Inauspicious Stars:
Five Ghosts (五鬼) and Back Poking (指背): The Five Ghost Star will draw people with ill intentions into your life, and the Back Poking Star will encourage them to slander you behind your back. To counter these negative influences, prioritise self-improvement to prevent them from causing harm.

Litigation, Year Charm, and Flying Charm (官符, 年符 & 飞符): These stars represent disputes, conflicts, and legal matters. Although you may be affected by these negative influences, as long as you do the right thing, you may come out on top of these conflicts. If you are a reputable person or own a brand, don't be afraid of any controversy that may arise.

Earth Sha (地杀): The star is a premonition of possible accidents or minor sickness. You must practise good hygiene and caution, especially at public facilities, such as pools, toilets, and restaurants. If you find that the sanitary conditions at these places are unsatisfactory, please change to another location to minimise the risk of contracting unforeseen viruses.

Overall Fortune: 45%

Wealth Fortune: 40%
The Five Ghosts Star may bring financial losses due to negative influences by people around you. To distance yourself from these people, consider enrolling in paid courses for self-improvement. This way, your money will be spent on something beneficial for your personal development.

Health Fortune: 40%
The Earth Sha Star indicates a susceptibility to minor health issues. You must practise good hygiene and caution when you are out.

Career Fortune: 60%
The Three Stages Star symbolises success in three distinct life areas. By concentrating on interpersonal relationships, leadership, or wealth, you can elevate your career in 2024. Focusing on all three aspects can lead to a prosperous year.

Love Fortune: 40%
For Monkeys who are single, leverage on the Three Stages Star to improve your interpersonal relationships with people around you and expand your social circles. Participating in activities and networking events can increase your chances of meeting someone you love.

10. Rooster

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Roosters are expected to have a prosperous year in 2024, particularly in your careers. The blessings of five auspicious stars position Roosters as the fourth luckiest zodiac animal in the Year of the Dragon.

Auspicious Stars:
Tang Fu (唐符): This star will bring you fame and wealth in 2024. It's a herald of opportunities for career advancement and improvement. Therefore, Roosters must get close to your noble individuals so that you can rise up.

Grand Duke Combination (岁合): The presence of the Grand Duke Combination star suggests that you will get help from all directions. It means there is a great opportunity for you to expand your network. You are advised to foster a deep connection with people.

Monthly Virtue Noble (月德): This star will bring tremendous help in overcoming the obstacles you face. It's a propitious star that blesses you with honour and auspiciousness.

Inauspicious Stars:
Flying Blade (飞刃): This star represents potential injuries or accidents. You must exercise caution when handling sharp objects or while on the road to mitigate risks.

Death Charm (死符) and Nian Sha (年杀): These two stars represent obstacles, hindrances, or conflicts. However, the presence of the Grand Duke Combination and Monthly Virtue Noble stars will help you mitigate these challenges.

Lesser Consumer (小耗):
This star will likely bring you minor financial setbacks. Caution is advised, especially in business partnerships or investments.

Peach Blossom (桃花) and Salty Pool (咸池): These two stars will play a role in your romantic relationship this year. For single Roosters, you should enhance your personal image and showcase your talents to increase your chances of finding a partner. However, for those in a committed relationship, these stars may challenge your loyalty to your relationship.

Overall Fortune: 85%

Wealth Fortune: 80%
The Tang Fu Star promises fame and wealth for Roosters. Entrepreneurs should invest and build your company's brand in 2024, while employees should focus on building your personal brand.

Health Fortune: 80%
The Flying Blade Star warns of potential injuries or accidents. You must be careful when using sharp tools and staying focused while driving. You should also donate blood this year to subdue the 'blade' effect imposed by the star.

Career Fortune: 100%
The presence of the Monthly Virtue Noble and Grand Duke Combination stars indicates a year of honour and auspiciousness, propelling your overall career fortune. To leverage on the good fortune, you must plan strategically for your development.

Love Fortune: 80%
With the presence of Peach Blossom and Salty Pool stars, you may attract potential admirers this year. It's a great year for single Roosters, but it may pose some trouble for those who are already in a committed relationship. You must be cautious of external temptations to safeguard your relationship with your partner.

11. Dog

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Dogs are expected to face a challenging year in 2024, given the presence of five inauspicious stars, placing them in the 11th spot in terms of luck among the 12 zodiacs animals.

Auspicious Stars:
National Treasure (国印): This star symbolises leadership and influence. Given the presence of five inauspicious stars, it's crucial for you to fully utilise your leadership and influence potential this year to achieve breakthroughs.

Inauspicious Stars:
Broken Sui (岁破): This star signifies challenges with authority figures in your life, such as bosses or clients. You need to be careful of your words when speaking to them to avoid any unnecessary conflicts this year.

Great Consumer (大耗), Obstacles (栏杆), and Leopard Tail (豹尾): These three stars will potentially bring you financial setbacks this year. You need to be prudent with your spending and avoid being scammed.

If you want to mitigate the negative effects of these stars, you should treat your bosses and clients to meals. As long as you have a good relationship with these important people, your wealth fortune may not be affected severely.

Moon Sha (月杀): This star is a premonition that your interaction with women may spark unwanted conflicts. Various hidden challenges may arise, requiring wise and tactful interactions to quell disputes. Therefore, exercise caution in your choice of words when speaking to women in 2024.

Clash with Tai Sui: Chong Tai Sui (冲太岁, "direct clash with Tai Sui")

Overall Fortune: 25%

Wealth Fortune: 20%
With several inauspicious stars affecting your wealth fortune, building strong relationships with superiors and clients is crucial to suppress the negative impact. In 2024, it's advisable to stay away from making any large financial investments.

Health Fortune: 20%
The Great Consumer Star indicates a busy and potentially draining lifestyle. Therefore, you need adequate nutrition, rest, and relaxation to maintain your mental and physical well-being.

Career Fortune: 40%
While challenges may arise in your career, the National Treasure Star will also attract noble individuals into your life. If you can leverage on your influence and leadership skills, you can overcome obstacles and propel yourself towards steady career growth.

Love Fortune: 20%
There are no specific stars that influence or hinder your love fortune. Hence, the success of your love life relies solely on your personal efforts and initiatives.

12. Pig

Image via SAYS

Despite being the last on the list, Pigs are predicted to have the luckiest fortune among the 12 zodiacs signs, securing the number one spot thanks to the presence of two emperor-grade auspicious stars.

Auspicious Stars:
Emperor (紫薇) and Dragon Virtue (龙德): The presence of these two stars put Pigs in the number one spot of the luckiest zodiac animal in the Year of the Dragon. These two stars are emperor-grade stars, which will skyrocket your career and wealth fortune this year.

Red Matchmaker (红鸾): If you are single, the 'peach blossom' luck is coming to you this year. If you're a single Pig, you'll likely get into a relationship; if you're married, you are likely to welcome a child to your family.

Inauspicious Stars:
Dark Sky (天厄) and Brutal Defeat (暴败): Despite the blessings of the Emperor and Dragon Virtue Stars, you need to keep your greed in check to avoid sudden failure. Be an informed and prudent investor in 2024. Make sure you conduct your due diligence before investing to protect your wealth fortune.

Sky Litigation (天官符) and Death God (亡神): These two stars have something in common — they both represent official affairs that deal with what's right and what's wrong. Be sure to stay on the right side of the law to avoid any lawsuits or summonses against you.

Don't get too carried away just because it'll be a relatively smooth year for you. You shouldn't be arrogant when speaking to others.

Overall Fortune: 100%

Wealth Fortune: 100%
The Dragon Virtue star will enhance your leadership and influence on people around you, promising you excellent financial prospects. You will get to meet more noble individuals. As long as you constantly improve yourself and learn from your valuable lessons, you will have the best year ahead.

Health Fortune: 100%
Despite the abundance of opportunities that you'll receive this year, maintaining good health is paramount to your success. You should prioritise adequate rest and undergo regular health screenings if you want to enjoy the fruits of your success.

Career Fortune: 100%
The auspicious Emperor star heralds positive developments and support from noble individuals. You can anticipate opportunities for career advancement, good results from exams, and valuable experiences.

Love Fortune: 100%
The presence of the Red Matchmaker Star indicates favourable prospects for single Pigs to find a partner. For those in relationships, there is a potential for joyous events, such as pregnancies.

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