Which Is The Luckiest Zodiac In 2023? Here Are The Predictions For The Year Of The Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year 'tù' (兔) you!

Cover image via Louis Loh 羅一鳴 (Facebook) & SAYS |

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It's time (兔) usher in the Year of the Rabbit!

This Chinese New Year, we are collaborating with international feng shui master Louis Loh again to bring you fresh predictions of your fortune in 2023.

With over 585,000 followers on Facebook, Loh runs a feng shui consulting company with services such as residential and commercial feng shui reading, adult and baby naming, and auspicious wedding date selection, among others. 

He has worked with a myriad of brands, including Maybank, Mah Sing, S P Setia, EcoWorld, and Mercedes-Benz. He has also been featured on SAYS, New Straits Times, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, as well as on 8TV, TV3, and One FM.

Here is a table summary of each zodiac fortune prediction:

1. Rat

For people born in the Year of the Rat, 2023 will be a great year for you. You are ranked top three among the 12 zodiacs.

You have four auspicious stars. Here's how they will help you:

Red Matchmaker
(红鸾): If you are single, the "peach blossom" luck is coming to you this year. You should take the initiative to meet people. Don't always hang out with the people you know, or not go out at all. Being proactive is the key.

Heavenly Virtue (天德): This is an enormous auspicious star. With it blessing you in 2023, whatever you wish will come true. Some people possess a similar 'dream and it will come true' power because they have strong 'inner strength'. They pursue things they want vigorously, and this energy will influence, as well as help, people around them. So remember to be vigorous and put your "Heavenly Virtue" star to good use.

Fortune Virtue (福德):
This star can bring steady wealth, so you can expect money and 'inner wealth'. In the New Year, you must know how to take good care of people around you because knowing how to take care of those around you is a form of blessing. Don't take it as a form of stress. When you are capable of helping others, you will generally possess more luck.

Prosperity (福星): The "Prosperity" star comes in many forms. For instance, we often say when an elderly person looks blessed, we don't mean they are wealthy. Instead, we mean they have many children and grandchildren. It means they are content in life. The "Prosperity" star represents gratefulness and appreciation for what you have now. This year, improve your 'inner strength' so you can find happiness from within. Cherish what you have now. With that, you can elevate the advantage of the "Prosperity" star.

Thriving (禄勋): This star represents your career and wealth luck. Now that you are bestowed with this auspicious star, you can't stay the same if you want to make a breakthrough in your career and fortune. You must be daring to make a breakthrough. Only then, you will make great achievements.

You also have three inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Curled Tongue (卷舌):
This star represents gossip. With it affecting you this year, learn ways to communicate skilfully. Don't be stubborn and tell people that you want to safeguard your individuality or that you are unwilling to change. If you behave this way, you will definitely lose some fortune this year.

Crossing Sha (绞杀): This star symbolises unplanned and unexpected expenditures. Together with the "Curled Tongue" star, you have to change the way you communicate with people to avoid losing some fortune this year.

Salty Pool (咸池): As mentioned earlier, you have the "Peach Blossom" luck, which symbolises great love fortune. However, the "Salty Pool" star represents love misfortune. In Cantonese, it means "pervert". With the combination of good and bad stars, it's up to you to decide your fate. Rats, especially men, are easy to get aroused. For those who are married, if you have irrational thoughts while you are outside, it's advised to go home and hug your wife, or plan a trip with your wife. Put this loving desire on your partner. With this, you will not attract the bad "Peach Blossom" luck that will cause you to lose money.

Clash with Tai Sui: Xing Tai Sui (刑太岁, "punishment from Tai Sui")

Since you have a clash with Tai Sui, you might encounter an incident involving blood. Hence, Rats are advised to do a blood test to avoid the incident.

2. Ox

For those born in the Year of the Ox, there are no auspicious stars for you this year. But don't you worry. This is a good year for you to work on yourself.

You can see this year as a piece of blank paper. You can leverage this 'clean slate' condition by training yourself physically and mentally.

You have three inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Sky Dog (天狗):
This inauspicious star will bring health problems to you. But health problems are easy to resolve. At the beginning of the year, you should undergo a medical check-up to understand the state of your health. If problems are found, you will be able to detect them early and prevent them from worsening.

Once that's over, another worrying effect of the "Sky Dog" star is you might lose your rationality. When you hear about places to 'get rich quick' or learn about places where you can earn a high-profit margin, you will invest money impulsively. You are very likely to lose money.

Opportunity is not for everyone. Opportunity is when you can grasp it because you are equipped with the ability to execute the plan successfully. Not everyone knows the real meaning of opportunity.

Therefore, you have to pay special attention to your judgement and make clear distinctions between right and wrong. If you can strengthen your good judgement, you can improve your fortune this year.

Peeling Head (披头): As the name of the star suggests, it means unkempt, or a person who is unable to concentrate. Do you notice that some people who work for a while, check their mobile phones for a while, then continue working for a while again? This means their concentration is fragmented. When your working hours are fragmented, your wealth will also be fragmented. You cannot have fragmented concentration and do things according to your impulses. Without a proper plan, you will be clueless, and have no wisdom and direction. That's why we have to train our concentration properly. Try focusing on things for an hour, before slowly extending it to eight hours.

Although Oxen have no auspicious stars this year, if you improve your concentration, you will be able to elevate your fortune this year.

Lonesome Star (寡宿): This star affects your health. As the saying goes (in Chinese), men are afraid of the "Solitary" star; women are afraid of the "Lonesome" star. It will be unfavourable to female Oxen. You will easily feel lonely or get suspicious of your partner all the time. If your husband is on a business trip, you might suspect that your husband is having extramarital affairs. To avoid this, communication between husband and wife needs to be strengthened. A lot of times, distrust between couples is caused by a lack of communication.

3. Tiger

For those born in the Year of the Tiger, you have no auspicious stars this year. But, you don't have to complain about it. Instead, take this opportunity to train yourself so you can be as tough as tigers.

You have four inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Sickness (病符): This star will likely make you fall sick easily. Why not take this opportunity to exercise at the gym and train your body consistently? You have talked about going to the gym for a long time, but you haven't taken action after decades of talking about it. This year, you really have to be determined to sign up for fitness classes or a gym membership. If you talk about reducing body fat all the time, you need to stop. Reducing body fat makes you think about "fat" in your mind. You should think about getting fit and healthy. Then take this opportunity to get fit. You need to keep an active lifestyle because if you stop exercising, you can't neutralise the "Sickness" star.

Heavenly Officer Charm (天符星): This represents 'lawsuits' or any official or unofficial complaints against you. At work, Tigers might quarrel with colleagues or face other 'lawsuit' problems. So Tigers, you must be extremely careful in regards to this. But if you get a ticket due to illegal parking, it should be seen as a good thing. Why? Because the inauspicious star comes in a form of a summons. You need to pay the fine immediately. It can solve problems related to 'lawsuits' and turn them into small problems.

Mo Yue (陌越): The presence of this star indicates that you might feel you are alienated and confused this year. You don't have a noble person (贵人) to help you if you are considering changing jobs or expanding your career or business. You have to be proactive to get to know people who are at a senior level. With this, when you feel confused, at least you have someone with more experience than you to guide you. You can get valuable advice from them.

Death God (亡神星): This star will make your mind feel exhausted in 2023. You will have a foggy brain to the extent that you will suddenly blank out in the middle of your work. When you experience a foggy brain all of a sudden, you might say the wrong things, thus, offending people. Quarrels will ensue, which might get you in 'lawsuit' problems from the inauspicious "Heavenly Officer Charm" star. This new year, you should take it easy: say the right words and meet the right people. This will lead to a smoother year ahead.

4. Rabbit

Congratulations to those born in the Year of Rabbit. This year, you have an abundance of auspicious stars, which means you have more good luck and less misfortune (bad luck).

You have four auspicious stars. Here's how they will help you:

General (将星): This star symbolises leadership and power. This year, you need to lead by example. You have to do what people can't do. For example, possessing leadership qualities makes you more capable than your subordinates. You need to have a vision. With it, you can influence your subordinates and the people around you. Leadership quality comes from your ability to influence. Remember you can't sit and wait. Sitting and waiting won't produce anything fruitful.

The "General" star also signifies promotion and increment. It will happen in tandem with your actions and wisdom.

Intelligence (文昌): This star represents learning. In 2023, children born in the Year of Rabbit will see an increase in their interest to learn, while adults will improve their professional skills and knowledge. You need to enhance your technical and soft skills to bring your career to a higher level.

Golden Chamber (金匮): This star represents wealth and fame. It's akin to a huge treasure chest that requires you to search for it proactively. So, Rabbits, you have to make good use of the "Intelligence" and "Golden Chamber" stars to gather more health. Only through wisdom and strong leadership can you acquire unlimited wealth.

Jade Hall (玉贵): With three auspicious stars requiring your wisdom to work, it begs the question: where do you find it? You can find it with the blessing of the "Jade Hall" star, which will come in the form of noble people (贵人). To increase your chances of meeting noble people, you need to actively look for these wise people. Once you have identified individuals you think are worthy to learn from, put yourself under their wings immediately.

You also have three inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Sword Edge & Hidden Corpse ( 剑锋 & 伏尸): These two inauspicious stars could bring problems involving blood to you. In 2023, it's recommended to avoid doing risky activities, such as bungee jumping or walking on high-altitude suspension bridges at tourist attractions. It's best that you don't visit places that are extremely hot or cold. For female Rabbits, if you are thinking of undergoing a micro cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your appearance, you are encouraged to do so because it will neutralise the problems coming from these two inauspicious stars. However, you are not encouraged to undergo any major cosmetic surgery as it involves blood.

Sky Cry (天哭): This star signifies crying every day. You may have negative thoughts. With that said, a person who allows themselves to cry is always better than those who don't allow themselves to cry. Men generally have a shorter lifespan than women because they don't want or allow themselves to cry. It's good to shed some tears when you feel like crying. It's good to express emotions.

After being sad in front of a loved one, rise up again and unleash the power of your auspicious stars. Don't let yourselves wallow in sadness.

Clash with Tai Sui: Zuo Tai Sui (坐太岁, "sit on Tai Sui")

Before you celebrate your good fortune in 2023, you should be reminded that you have a clash with Tai Sui. As the saying goes, "If you are sitting ahead of Tai Sui, there won't be any blessings; there will be disasters." But it's still better when Tai Sui is seated behind you.

You have to adopt the "Lao Er" (老二, "second in order") philosophy. What does it mean? Firstly, everyone is "Lao Er". If you are a business owner, your customers are your boss. If you are a leader in the government, citizens are your boss. Everyone is a "Lao Er". Therefore, you shouldn't attract a lot of attention to youself this year. Just do your part and train your wisdom. If you live as a "Lao Er", you will eventually become "Lao Da" (老大, "first in order") in the end.

5. Dragon

For those born in the Year of the Dragon, your fortune is at a normal level.

You have one auspicious star. Here's how it will help you:

This year, you have an enormous auspicious star called the "Sun" star. This will help mitigate the negative effects of those inauspicious stars. It plays a crucial role as it represents positive energy. As long as you can make good use of your positive energy, look at every matter from a positive angle, and surround yourself with positive people, things will go smoothly for you. You should make friends who are optimistic in nature, friends who always smile and are as bright as the sun. Their brightness can shine through your heart, improving your luck.

You can consider going to the beach more to bask in the sun. This can enhance your positive energy brought by the "Sun" star. Let it shine on your business, life, and career to bring you to the next level of success.

You have four inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Sky Emptiness and Bad Qi (天空 & 晦气): These stars foretell that you will face obstacles when you move toward your goals. You may even be scared once you learn about the obstacles. But there will always be obstacles whenever you have a goal. Hence, you need to identify your long-term and short-term goals. To make them come true, you need to allocate some time a day, beginning with an hour a day, to work on your goals before slowly investing more time as you go. With this method, you can make a breakthrough this year.

Saddle (扳鞍): This star represents migration, which was considered inauspicious in ancient times because you had to leave your hometown and face the danger of the wilderness. But in current society, if you have the opportunity to leave your hometown, you get to develop your career abroad, which is seen as something good. If you have the opportunity, go abroad to broaden your vision and learn, please do so. It will definitely get you out of your comfort zone and develop a stronger tolerance.

Yin Sha (阴煞): In ancient times, the star meant you can't see things clearly at night. But in modern times, there are many things we can't see clearly and we are bound to make mistakes. What makes a person successful is their ability to be detail-oriented and see things clearly. As long as you can get the details right, there is no need to worry about the "Yin Sha" star.

Clash with Tai Sui: Hai Tai Sui (害太岁, "harm Tai Sui")

You have a minor crash with Tai Sui. Remember to keep a low profile on personal matters, but not your official matters.

Dragons are vulnerable to some bad implications this year. So, in the new year, don't make frivolous investments. Avoid being a sleeping partner in a business deal as you may lose your money in such an arrangement.

6. Snake

For those born in the Year of the Snake, you have two enormous auspicious stars and five inauspicious stars. Whether it's a good year or not depends on how you navigate through 2023.

You have two auspicious stars. Here's how they can help you:

Sky Horse (驿马):
Also known as a "Wealth" star in ancient times, this star can help you make money as long as you are willing to make an effort to find the opportunities. With the blessing of this star, it means you can't be slowed down if you want to make a fortune.

You must take action immediately. Look at different places, go out, and make more friends. Take up classes to expand your vision and widen your network to advance your career. This can help you expand your wisdom and develop the big picture of your life. Don't allow yourself to get too comfortable because taking action is the source of your wealth in 2023.

Heavenly Nobleman (天乙贵人): This star is the biggest among all noble people (贵人) stars. Just like advice from the aforementioned star, don't wait for your noble people to come to your doorstep. First, you must understand that people who feel grateful for their lives will find noble people everywhere. These noble people may help you with a small favour or give you some advice. If you feel grateful for it, you will see noble people everywhere.

Noble people can be categorised into two types. First, people who offer you a direct opportunity. For example, your boss giving you an increment and promotion or a person giving you a business deal. This type of noble people make you happy for a while.

Another type of noble people are individuals who help you indirectly. They are called "wise noble people". Their help benefits you your whole life because wisdom and knowledge can be used for the rest of your life, instead of those who can only offer you benefits once or twice. You have to learn to be grateful for the help "wise noble people" offer to you because it will lead them to help you more. Don't ever take them for granted. Learn to give something in return and you will be able to bring in endless wealth. This is the wisdom from the book of I Ching.

You have five inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Di Ci, Earth Funeral, and Solid Killing (地雌, 地丧 & 的杀):
Generally, when we see these stars, they symbolise the health of your family. Even if your children are healthy, don't forget to observe their vitamin intake. For the elderly, remember to take them for medical check-ups even if they are healthy. In fact, the whole family should undergo medical check-ups to avoid the risks and problems associated with these stars.

Broken Star (破碎): This star will bring relationship problems. Its effect is not limited to your romantic relationship, but also relationships with friends, colleagues, and relatives.

You have to be proactive to communicate with people whenever you find yourself feeling entrapped and don't know how to express yourself. You can try smiling with your teeth showing, as it represents sincerity.

Great Sha (大煞): This star represents sudden changes. Even when you are blessed with the "Sky Horse" and "Heavenly Nobleman" stars, you must always have a plan B for every task. You need to expect the worst to happen so you are prepared to deal with any emergencies. This allows you to remain undefeatable no matter how many challenges you have to go through. As long as you don't lose, you have a chance to make a comeback.

7. Horse

For those born in the Year of the Horse, this year will be quite satisfactory for you. It is a year with a mix of good and bad.

You have two auspicious stars. Here's how they can help you:

Sky Happiness (天喜):
This auspicious star represents festivities. With it blessing you this year, you must celebrate your birthday and anniversary, or on the days you get a promotion or increment. As long as you maintain this celebratory mentality, the power of festivity energy can elevate your fortune to the next level. Celebration means you cherish a blessing. As you continue to do that, you share your happiness and gratitude. It helps you broaden your blessings and attract other happy events to you again.

Moon (太阴): When the "Moon" star is shining on you, it means a noblewoman (贵人) will come to your aid. It can also represent creativity and wisdom. You must train your mind by picking up new knowledge or learning business strategies to bring your career to the next level.

The highest level of wisdom is critical thinking. When critical thinking integrates with your professional expertise, you can surpass other people. We often say there is no need to change the industry you work in, but do research in your own industry to find the gaps and make some breakthroughs so you will stand out in the field.

You have two inauspicious stars. Here's what to look out for:

Piercing Rope and Hook Spirit (贯索 & 勾神):
The presence of both stars suggests that your feet will be hooked, making it difficult for you to achieve any breakthrough. We all want to make a breakthrough to improve our financial standing, but why is it so hard for most people? Because they can't change and are fearful of change.

The "Piercing Rope" and "Hook Spirit" stars can bring up things in the past to haunt and entangle you, making it difficult for you to move forward. So you are advised to put an end to the entanglement caused by your past. Once you remove the shackles from your feet, your footsteps will also be much lighter. That way you can move forward.

Clash with Tai Sui: Po Tai Sui (破太岁, "Destruction of Tai Sui")

This clash with Tai Sui means you will experience unplanned or unexpected expenditures. To mitigate this, you are advised to spend money to buy something you have yearned for, such as a new car or mobile phone. It can be anything. When you feel happy while spending money, it also solves the problem caused by the "Destruction of Tai Sui".

8. Sheep

For those born in the Year of the Goat, you have three auspicious stars and five inauspicious stars. You are ranked the second luckiest zodiac in 2023.

You have three auspicious stars. Here's how they can help you:

Elegant Seal (华盖): This star represents talent and wisdom. As you usher in the new year, you should think outside of the box, at the same time conduct in-depth research to build a strong personal brand. Not only businesspeople need personal branding. Even employees need a strong personal brand to influence their boss, colleagues, or customers.

Capitalise on the power of social media. Countless people are scrolling Facebook newsfeeds, watching TikTok, and browsing Xiaohongshu. These media change rapidly. While there are many opportunities for wealth creation in this space, you should work on your personal brand here. Since Goats are blessed with the "Elegant Seal" star, you should look for opportunities in this gold mine instead of wasting time browsing mindlessly.

Three stages (三台贵): This star represents your career. With it, your career has the opportunity to advance three levels. You should know how to make good use of your "Elegant Seal" star and expand your creativity and talent to push your career forward and achieve excellent results. If you are still using the old model of working, you can't make progress.

Tang Fu (唐符): This star symbolises wealth and fame. In ancient times, the combination of "Tang Fu" and "Three Stages" stars means your wisdom can increase by three levels, and at the same time, your wealth will be able to increase tremendously, too, as long as you use your creativity to your advantage.

Sky Relief (天解): This star can help you turn bad luck into good luck. The trick is to handle problems calmly regardless of petty people or 'lawsuits' bothering you. The greatest wealth of life comes from a calm and calculated mind. Learn more about your inauspicious stars below.

You have five inauspicious stars. Here's what to look out for:

Five Ghosts (五鬼): The presence of this star implies that there are petty people around you. You should not take petty people around you seriously. You have to know that mediocrity does not attract jealousy. If petty people are bothering you, it's because petty people are jealous of your success. Be careful when you are around them.

Litigation, Year Charm, and Flying Charm (官符, 年符 & 飞符): These stars represent 'lawsuits'. You are advised not to make money from or do business in grey areas of the law due to these stars looming over you. You have to develop a big-picture thinking mindset. If there are petty people around you, don't see them as petty people but as people with a narrow point of view.

If your business is successful and someone opens the same shop next to you, they are not considered a petty person because, in the business world, this is a norm. The only way to avoid being harassed by petty people is to broaden your vision and develop a big-picture thinking mindset.

Blood Knife (血刃): This star represents blood-related problems. You must avoid participating in risky activities, such as bungee jumping or rowing.

9. Monkey

People born in the Year of the Monkey, you have three strong auspicious stars and two inauspicious stars in 2023.

You have three auspicious stars. Here's how they will help you:

Monthly Virtue Noble (月德): This star represents gentleness. With it blessing you in 2023, you must always be humble and gentle while you are at work. It will attract many noble people (贵人) to help you if you want success.

Noble people can be your bosses, superiors, friends, or even customers. To some extent, people who are rude to you can be your noble people. Positive people can directly improve you as an individual, but negative people are negative examples you can learn from to improve the quality of your thoughts. When your thoughts are refined, your career will elevate to the next level, and so will your wealth. So Monkeys must be humble in order to receive the blessing from the "Monthly Virtue Noble".

National Treasure (国印): This is another auspicious star that will bless Monkeys in 2023. It symbolises the power of a nation, with power and authority given to you. With it, your career will get an enhancement. The opportunity for promotion and getting a new designation is very likely, too.

Real authority comes from your level of influence. Your leadership skills must act in tandem with your hard work. A person's job title is not equivalent to their leadership and authority. When you practise what you preach and apply your influence to make things for the better, that is called real authority. You have to practise this in order to bring your career to the next level.

Earth Relief (地解): This auspicious star signifies that all bad luck will turn into good luck in the end. Learn about your inauspicious stars below.

You have three inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

Death Charm (死符): With this star affecting you this year, you must pay special attention to your health, both physical and mental health. Physical health problems are not that scary as compared to mental health problems. Don't keep your problems and negative emotions to yourself. You should talk to your friends. Through this, you will be relieved from your negative emotions.

Lesser Consumer (小耗): This star represents weak wealth luck. You are likely to lose a small amount of money.

To mitigate the effect, you can buy something for your spouse or children. You can also pamper yourself and treat others to an indulgence. If you do this, it will be a happy year for you.

Robbery Sha (劫杀): This star means there is a possibility of you encountering a robbery. Make sure the doors and windows of your house are locked properly whenever you are out. You must be careful if you want to wear jewellery. It's best not to wear jewellery to morning and night markets.

10. Rooster

For people born in the Year of the Rooster, this year does not bring you any auspicious stars, and your fortune is considered the worst among the 12 zodiacs. However, there's no reason for you to fret! When a person is too comfortable, there will be no sense of crisis. It's difficult to make progress in life if one is too comfortable and is not ready to handle crisis.

You will have three inauspicious stars this year. Here’s what to look out for:

Calamity Sha (灾杀):
This star means that you may experience health and unexpected problems. However, you don't have to worry. Minimising the impact of this star is very simple. You are advised to do good deeds at the beginning of the year, such as donating money and blood. You should also do a medical check-up, and your problems will be averted.

A healthy lifestyle should also be prioritised. Cholesterol is not the main factor that contributes to an unhealthy diet, so instead, focus on reducing sugar in your diet this year. This will help you in your journey to feel and look good.

Great Consumer And Obstacles (大耗 & 栏杆): This star represents huge and unexpected spending. You should remember not to ask for the moon this year, as scammers develop new methods to scam people every year. You should be extra careful, especially when it involves schemes that promise you wealth in a short amount of time. This will be evident when you get good returns within the first and second months, but if you invest more and involve more people to sign up to join, you will not get anything back in the third and fourth months. It is important that you do not be greedy for short-term profits.

This year, you should train your mind to think better and clearer, and be calm and patient. Practise positive thinking and let this be a year that lets you think about your life.

Clash with Tai Sui: Chong Tai Sui (直冲太岁, "direct clash with Tai Sui")

You will crash directly with Tai Sui, which means that you will have conflicts with your superior, manager, or customers. In general, you will be more prone to conflicts this year. You must keep this in mind when doing things or meeting people. You have to be more flexible and learn to be humble. This is also a year for you to improve your people skills.

Another shortfall that you can look out for involves the habit of tolerating other people's mistakes and keeping them to yourself. You must keep in mind that repressing your emotions will not end well, so you should learn how to express them. Develop a mindset that focuses on the big picture, and your vision will become broader. When you understand that society is made out of both good and evil, tolerating it will not be necessary.

11. Dog

For people born in the Year of the Dog, you will have a lucky year. Among the 12 zodiacs, you are considered the luckiest of them all.

You will have three auspicious stars. Here's how they can help you:

Emperor and Dragon Virtue (紫微 & 龙德): These are two enormously auspicious stars. Their presence foretells that your luck in your career, wealth, and romance will be strong and smooth. However, if you don't put effort, and just sit there and wait, it will be the same as not having any auspicious stars at all. People often wonder why they don't have luck in any aspect of their lives. It is because they have not worked for it. Even if you are a lazy person who wants to win the jackpot, you will still need to get in line to buy a lottery ticket. So you must always remember to take action, this is the rule of thumb.

Wealth is divided into two types, lucky wealth and wisdom wealth. Lucky wealth means that you will have fortune for a short while, and you will feel happy temporarily. However, wisdom wealth is the fortune you get through wisdom, and it will give you fortune for your whole life. You are advised to put your wisdom wealth to use in your career and romantic life.

You should also ride this lucky wave by meeting more people, and learning from them. You should build good relationships with people, as this year will be the year you will get a lot of help from different people. You must seize the luck and share it with others. Do more good, and it will magnify your luck this year.

Grand Duke Combination (岁合):
The presence of this star suggests that you will get help from all directions. It means there is a great opportunity for you to expand your network. You are advised to foster a deep connection with people.

You will have two inauspicious stars. Here's what to look out for:

Brutal Defeat and Dark Sky (暴败 & 天厄):
These two stars are known as disaster stars. With the combination of the "Emperor" and "Dragon Virtue" stars, these two inauspicious stars act as a reminder that however lucky you are, you cannot be complacent. The "Brutal Defeat" star symbolises change. Some things may be out of order, and become the cause of your failure. You must remember to take care of the feelings of your subordinates and the people around you. Your unintentional words or inadvertent actions can hurt people's feelings and break their hearts. You must try your best to help people in need.

Yellow Flag (黄旛): This star means that there will be a little setback in your wealth. As you have strong auspicious stars this year, you should spend some money to make your friends happy. Treat people with food and drinks, bring them to high tea, and share your good luck with them. Practise generosity and your wealth will expand.

12. Pig

For people who are born in the Year of the Pig, 2023 will be a year of ups and downs as you'll go through quite a bit of challenges and obstacles.

You have one auspicious star. Here's how it'll help you:

Heavenly Chef (天厨):
This star points to a gastronomic blessing. Food connects people, and you can use this to your advantage to build relationships. With this auspicious star bestowing your 2023, you are expected to foot the bills for feasts and entertainment for people around you. It is best for you to go out more and attend more gatherings, as this will help to expand your social circle and develop your social skills.

You have to remember that wealth comes from wisdom. The "Heavenly Chef" star also means you will get the chance to learn new things and improve your knowledge. When you attend more social events, you get to listen to people's stories. This means that you get more wisdom. As long as you are equipped with wisdom, you will be able to use this to progress in your career.

You all have four inauspicious stars. Here's what you need to look out for:

White Tiger (白虎):
This star represents petty people, gossip, and accidents. The accident will involve blood, so you are advised to do a medical check-up at the start of the year. If you are a woman, you can consider undergoing a minor cosmetic procedure such as botox, which will mitigate the impact of the "White Tiger" star. With this, you can kill two birds with one stone, resolving blood-related accidents while beautifying yourself.

Sky Warrior (天雄): In ancient times, competitors were known to be petty people. However, in the present, it is normal to have competitors, as it indicates that you are not mediocre in your field. In combination with the "White Tiger" star, there will always be people who will be competing against you for a promotion or a raise. But, you must always remember to remain kind in your job.

Back Pocking (指背): This star means gossip. As the name suggests, the star refers to something pointing at your back. In this social media era, criticism can be found everywhere. Creating and developing your brand will be challenging, and you will find hurdles while doing so. You must always remember to use your wisdom, and be selective of what you take to heart. This means that you must not take negative comments too seriously to avoid being consumed with anger. Instead, use that energy and time to improve yourself as well as spread positive energy.

Earth Sha (地煞): This star indicates obstacles. However, you don't have to worry too much, as hardship in life happens to everyone. Overcoming obstacles is a form of training. The more obstacles you overcome, the greater your wealth will be. This year, you are advised to master how to overcome obstacles and resolve problems, and this will help bring your wealth to the next level.

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