3 Affordable Must-Have Home Products From Coway That Bring Functionality And Beauty

They even come with free service packages as well!

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Home is where the heart is, and that's why it's so important we look after it! Check out these minimalist home products from Coway that are not only sleek, but also affordable:

1. Coway GLAZE Water Purifier: RM119/month and free five-year service

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Coway's all-new GLAZE Water Purifier is so aesthetically-pleasing and only takes a fraction of space in your kitchen. It comes in a modern matte white design and offers three different water temperatures – ambient (2.5 litres), cold (2.5 litres), and hot (1.5 litres), which has an overall tank capacity of six litres.

What makes this water purifier stand out is its Cold Water+ function. With the ambient water separated into two tanks, the Cold Water+ function continuously dispenses water at the coldest temperature, which helps you stay refreshed and cool. In fact, you can make ice-cold beverages without the need for ice cubes!

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Additionally, the water purifier comes in a sleek design with buttons that only require a single tap. Its One-Touch Extraction dispenses water based on the volume dispense options – 120ml, 250ml, and 500ml. However, you can also opt for a continuous flow of water by effortlessly tapping and holding the dispense button. There's no need for you to lift and hold your cup or water bottle in order to fill it, which is usually the case for other water purifiers.

On top of its sleek design, the water purifier ensures that the water is safe and clean to drink. It uses multiple layers of filters, including Coway's Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane filtration, which eliminates viruses, bacteria, and removes all impurities. 

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Coway GLAZE CHP-6310L Water Purifier:
Full Price: RM3,900 including free one-year service
Rental Price: RM119/month including free five-year service

2. Coway LOMBOK III Air Purifier: RM109/month and free five-year service

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LOMBOK III is Coway's newest air purifier redesigned to fit in modern homes and is perfect for those who love a minimalist look. This air purifier uses advanced technology, allowing you to choose your preferred settings with just a gentle touch.

LOMBOK III has five different operating modes, designed to do more than just simple air filtration. It comes with six different filters. This includes an RBD plasma filter, which sterilises the air and captures harmful pollutants, gases, and allergens that our naked eyes can't detect. It also comes with a six-step filtration process which further eliminates activated oxygen and static electricity through the ioniser feature.

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At night, the LOMBOK III air purifier operates silently so you can sleep soundly without any disturbance. Whether you need a light operation or a thorough filtration, you can choose your preferred fan-speed with its 3-speed control. Plus, you won't have to worry about an increase in electricity bills as the efficient air purifier consumes a small 0.0816kWh under Auto Mode, with an estimated electricity bill of RM0.53 every month!

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Coway LOMBOK III Air Purifier: 
Full Price: RM3,490 including free one-year service
Rental Price: RM109/month including free five-year service

3. Coway PRIME Series Super Single Mattress: RM129/month (mattress) or RM159/month (mattress and bedframe) and free five-year service

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With premium-quality materials including memory foam, 100% natural latex, coconut fibre, and a five-zone pocket spring, Coway PRIME Series Super Single Mattress is a multi-level support system offering perfect comfortability and tension-free sleeping experience. The PRIME Series mattress is designed for everyone as it comes in King size, Queen size, and Super Single size, which are highly versatile for any body shape and weight. If you're a back sleeper, you can opt for the firm mattress, while side sleepers would prefer the soft mattress.

Both mattresses create a unique balance of soft comfort to support your spine. It also reduces body tension through its anti-static ticking, which absorbs body static and releases it to the air. Whichever mattress you choose comes with a changeable topper to ensure optimum hygiene, as well as maintaining it in tip-top condition.

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What's cool about Coway's mattresses is that they come with a service package performed by professionals. The service package includes a seven-step mattress care that measures your bed's dust levels, cleans your mattress and bed frame, sprays dust mite repellent, UV sterilisation, and fogging disinfection.

Coway PRIME Series Super Single Mattress:
Full Price: RM5,380 (mattress) or RM7,080 (mattress and bed frame). Both include free one-year service
Rental Price: RM129/month (mattress) or RM159/month (mattress and bed frame). Both include free five-year service  

Stay Stronger Together by enriching your home with sleek and functional designs from Coway. Get more information here!

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