3 Married Couples Who Were "Swiped" Off Their Feet Tell Us Their Tinder Love Stories

They found love in a hopeless place.

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In this day and age, using a dating app like Tinder to meet new people is in no way out of the ordinary

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Despite the fact that it's the new norm, there is still a social stigma attached to Tinder - that the majority of users, and even non-users, perceive it as merely an avenue for 'hook-ups' rather than real relationships.

Though it may be true that success stories are rare due to mismatched expectations or being spoiled for choice, some happy couples have Tinder to thank for bringing them together.

We asked three married couples who were "swiped" off their feet for their thoughts on finding a lifetime love on Tinder:

1. Najwa and Azfar, married 19 months after swiping right

SAYS: What motivated you to start using Tinder?

Najwa: My sister suggested I try Tinder when I moved back to KL because I was complaining about how boring Malaysian guys were! I just jumped on the bandwagon.

For my husband, it was more straightforward. He was looking for a relationship... that's it!

SAYS: How did your relationship start?

Najwa: I don't even remember swiping him, but the conversation just took off. It was almost like we'd known each other for years! We met a little over two weeks since we started talking. It was all very casual and fun.

The rest, as they say, was history!

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SAYS: What advice do you have for people who have doubts about finding love on a dating app?

Najwa: There's a stigma attached to online dating because most of our parents still have this traditional way of thinking, that there are 'proper' ways of meeting people. So when you meet someone on a dating app, you're rebelling against these traditions. Then there are the people who think that using a dating app means you're not good enough to meet people on your own, and you need help to start things up.

I say go for it. Take the risks. Fall in love. If it fails, then try again. People have to remember that there are no statistics proving that meeting people online and having a relationship with them is a recipe for disaster. When you think about it, meeting people traditionally doesn't guarantee you a lifetime of happiness either, so take the risk and get on Tinder!

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2. Rena and David, married three and a half years after swiping right

SAYS: What motivated you to start using Tinder?

Rena: One of my friends introduced me to the app as I was always working late, my social life was non-existent and I had been single for quite some time. I was sceptical initially but I decided to give it a go!

SAYS: How did your relationship start?

Rena: After chatting non-stop for about two weeks, we decided to meet up. We met for the first time near the fountains outside KLCC! He made a good first impression - I get bored easily and it just amazed me how both of us could chat continuously. That gave me a hint that we had things in common.

David was just thankful that his date understood more than 50% of what he was saying despite his Scottish accent.

David: Honestly, after our first date I could already see that Rena had everything I wanted in a wife. Every day after just reinforced this. 

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SAYS: What advice do you have for people who have doubts about finding love on a dating app?

Rena: Be open minded. Be careful. Don't put all your hopes into it thinking that you'll find your soulmate. Be open and take it as a place for you to meet more people, have more options, or even make a friend. Take it as it is, go with the flow. You'll definitely meet a few people who will put you off dating apps. Just be clever to avoid them!

David: Think about what you actually want before looking. Do you want them to make you laugh? Do you want them to be family-oriented? Do you want them to be driven in their career? Too many people don't know what they want and just aimlessly date and hope for the best. If you know what you want, dating apps are great as you can get all of this information before even meeting someone.

3. Faiz and Putri, married 21 months after swiping right

SAYS: What motivated you to start using Tinder?

Faiz: I started to read about Tinder, and though I had doubts about finding a match with anyone, I believe in trying new things. I decided to test it out. My first thought was "Hmm, just swipe and wait? Nobody will swipe me back!"

24 hours later, I matched with three women, and one of them was my wife!

SAYS: How did your relationship start?

Faiz: I started a conversation on Tinder, and she replied me with her WeChat ID but no phone number... she was playing hard to get! For the next few weeks we exchanged stories and had many midnight conversations. Eventually, I stepped up my game and we met up for dinner. 

I realised that she could be my life partner just a few months later!

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SAYS: What advice do you have for people who have doubts about finding love on a dating app?

Faiz: If you found your partner on a dating app like Tinder, or even just on social media, it can be hard to explain to some people because of our culture. It might take them some time to accept it.

Many people believe that it's dangerous - and sometimes it can be - but a lot of the time it's completely safe. I say, test it out before you judge!

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What do you think about looking for love on dating apps? Let us know your take in the comments section below.

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