4 Reasons Why You've Gotta Watch This Hilarious Patriotic Short Film On Malaysia Day

'3 Sekawan' follows the antics of three childhood friends who accidentally bring chaos to their kampung, haha!

Cover image via Media Prima Berhad (Provided to SAYS)

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With Malaysia Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to unleash your patriotic side and show off your love for our country! <3

And what better way to do that than by watching some entertaining movies that will bring out all those patriotic feels! If you don't have time to watch a full movie, there are also tonnes of amazing short films out there that you can check out.

One such short film is 3 Sekawan. Created by Media Prima Berhad, the comedy movie is part of the company's #BebasBersama campaign, which aims to educate, remind, and inspire Malaysians — especially the younger generation — about the sacrifices made by our local heroes to ensure that our country is free and independent.

3 Sekawan follows the hilarious antics of three childhood friends as they reunite at their kampung to celebrate Hari Kebangsaan.

Check out the trailer below:

Back together again, Faiz, Ah Chong, and Danush end up hatching a big mischievous plan that could mean freedom for everything, once and for all. When things go awry, chaos soon descends upon the kampung. It's up to the three friends to get everything back in order again before the big day.

Looks pretty fun, kan? If you still need a little convincing, here are four reasons why you should watch 3 Sekawan on Malaysia Day:

1. The entertaining plot is based on true events

According to director Izuan Mokhtar, all the chaotic incidents in the short movie are based on true events. In fact, something similar happened to one of the writers of the movie, haha!

Izuan recounted how one of the writers shared his experience with the team.

As a young boy, he had travelled back to his kampung to celebrate Hari Raya. One morning, he woke up to chaos as a gaggle of geese had wreacked havoc outside his kampung house, and the villagers spent a good part of the morning running around chasing the geese and putting them back into their cage. He later found out that a group of mischievous kids had let the birds loose as a prank.

Izuan and the team liked that story so much that they decided to use the writer's experience as the basis of 3 Sekawan.

2. It stars some of Malaysia's most famous actors

What's a good short movie without some star power, right? You'll find plenty of that in 3 Sekawan, and will definitely spot many familiar faces.

Catch some of Malaysia's most well-known actors such as Dato' Rahim Razali, Kazar Saisi, Redza Rosli, Sherry Ibrahim, Mandy Chong, and Sathiya.

Plus, the film also stars three adorable and extremely talented kids who play the main roles — Ummar Shakur, Camans Kong, and Rudtra a/l Manivanan.

3. Enjoy the sights of the gorgeous setting

To make it as realistic as possible, Izuan revealed that the production team, Zeel Production Sdn Bhd, shot the entire movie at a real kampung in Perlis in just one week. From majestic green hills to calm lakes, the film features so much beautiful, eye-catching scenery.

By the way, all the farm animals you see are real as well! According to Izuan, several crew members were given the task of 'taking care' of the cows, chickens, birds, and geese that appear in the short movie.

So, when the time came to roll the cameras, the animals were huddled together, released, and allowed to run loose before being wrangled in after the shot. Sounds like a lot of work, huh?

4. It's free to watch!

All Malaysians love free things, kan? Hehe! That's why it's so awesome that 3 Sekawan is free to watch, yay!

You can catch it on Malaysia Day, 16 September, on TV3 at 9pm, TV9 at 8.15pm, DIDIKTV KPM at 9.30am, and 8TV at 11.45pm.

You can also stream it online on the tonton website.

So, there's really no reason for you not to watch it. Trust us, you'll love it!

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