This Cool 3D Zebra Crossing In Terengganu Is Perfect For Abbey Road Photos!

Now you don’t have to go all the way to Abbey Road in London. :)

Cover image via Beautiful Terengganu

There's a new attraction in Terengganu and it's a 3D street art that comes in the form of a zebra crossing

The 3D zebra crossing is an initiative by the Kuala Nerus District and Land Office as part of its efforts to promote tourism in Terengganu.

The special zebra crossing is located just right outside of Dapo Pata (Uptown Kontena) in Gong Badak, Kuala Nerus, which is one of the newest attractions in the state.

If you've always wanted to take a photo that looks like The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' iconic album cover, this is definitely the place to go

Needless to say, pedestrians were both amazed and amused by this unusual crosswalk

The impressive artwork was executed by a local artist, Hatta Hashim

Image via Hatta Hashim

The talented street artist definitely put a lot of effort into his craft to make sure that the final outcome will trick the eyes of passersby into seeing a 3-dimensional crossing.

However, some people have voiced out their concerns, saying that this zebra crossing could be potentially dangerous for some road users.

In response, Hatta stressed that this illusion can only be achieved from a certain perspective and it should, in fact, provide safer conditions for pedestrians.

Take a look at how he transformed a normal-looking road into a visually-appealing path with his skills:

Last year, Sekolah Menengah Cheras Perdana (SMKCP) made headlines for its effort in creating a 3D zebra crossing

Image via Berita Harian

Four teachers and several students from the school's art club stayed up till late night just to realise their creative idea to convert the zebra crossing outside the school compound with a 3D concept.

The initiative caught many people's attention on social media, as many netizens commended the teachers and students' effort and creativity.

3D zebra crossings do not only serve an artistic purpose but ensure road safety as cars will inevitably slow down and let pedestrians cross the road without the aid of a traffic light.

Do you think the new 3D zebra crossing in Kuala Nerus would be a tourist attraction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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