5 Local Instagram Stores To Get Personalised Gifts That Are Thoughtful & Sentimental

These are so thoughtful!

Cover image via @jiffy.my (Instagram) , @wishful.my (Instagram) , @letteredgraceco (Instagram)

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Always find yourself at a dead end figuring out what to gift your loved ones?

Special occassions or not, we are always looking for ways to show our appreciation for our loved ones, whether they are family, friends, or even our significant others.

Figuring out the perfect gift is already a difficult task, and it becomes much more difficult when we don't really know where to get them from.

Here are five local personalised gift stores you can find on Instagram:

1. @wishful.my

From customised Raya baskets to Father's Day gift sets, @wishful.my has everything you may be looking for. Some of the customised gift boxes that they provide include baby showers, care packages, and housewarming sets. They also curate door gifts for corporate events. 

Price range
RM178 - RM598

Check out @wishful.my on Instagram for more info.

2. @pineworks.shop

Specialising in wood and crystal gifts, @pineworks.shop may be what you're looking for if you want a one-of-a-kind, sentimental gift for your loved one.

They have personalised wooden USB flash drives for keeping memories, and you can even ask for a photo engraving on the box. You can also get personalised wooden tumblers and have photos with your loved ones turned into night lights.

Price range
RM39 - RM99

Check out @pineworks.shop on Instagram for more info.

3. @starsaboveusmy

These custom star maps from @starsaboveusmy are so aesthetically pleasing and super thoughtful. You can have the maps show the exact alignment of stars to commemorate a special date or occasion shared with your loved ones.

You can also have the star maps framed, in poster form, or even as an acrylic stand.

Price range
RM179 - RM299

Check out @starsaboveusmy on Instagram for more info.

4. @jiffy.my

These trending acrylic stands from @jiffy.my are perfect gifts for those who want to include sentimentality in their home décor. They even have personalised acrylic jewellery stands, and I kinda want them too!

Price range
RM20 - RM160

Check out @jiffy.my on Instagram for more info.

5. @letteredgraceco

This store, @letteredgraceco, has personalised vinyl decal letterings and you can customise for wedding door gifts, mugs, tumblers, jewellery boxes, and more. They even do letterings for keychains and tumbler holders, which are so cute!

Price range
RM45 - RM250

Follow @letteredgraceco on Instagram for more info.

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