Get Your Bling On With These 6 M'sian-Owned Hand-Crafted Instagram Jewellery Stores

You can wear literal artworks!

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Malaysia's art scene is growing day-by-day and a new generation of creatives are leading the way

Fortunately, with social media, these aspiring artists now have a platform to share their work. Some even use the opportunity to turn their passion into a business.

Aside from the traditional visual arts, there are also artists lending their creativity to the world of fashion and jewellery.

Here are six Malaysian-owned hand-crafted jewellery stores on Instagram:


Martiana and Annie founded Sangon & Co. as a means to share their Sarawakian heritage and stories.

Sangon & Co. produces handmade jewellery pieces mainly from natural materials such as pearls, shells, semi-precious stones, wood, and clay.

Their "Island-chic" pieces infuse the Bornean tropics with modern twists and are perfect for all occasions.

"Some of our pieces are traditionally inspired by our Dayak culture. Growing up, we were both always attached to our home and the people of all races, especially the indigenous community," Sangon & Co. told this SAYS writer.

A portion of sales from Sangon & Co. are donated to charitable organisations in support of the local indigenous community in Sarawak.

Check them out here.

2. @krudges

Krudges by Khaleda Kasim is a business that originated as a hobby that was sparked during the MCO period. As people began to show interest in the crafts by Khaleda, she decided to turn her hobby into a business.

The pieces from Krudges are mainly anime-inspired accessories, such as earrings, mask chains, necklaces, and many more. Although the products from Krudges focus more on mainstream anime, niche anime can also be requested through custom orders.

"I find my products to be very detail-oriented, and the designs are closely curated to fit the themes and vibes of each show that inspired my product."

"Everything is hand-drawn and curated by a one-man band! I am truly grateful for all the patience and support each person gives to make this business possible," said Khaleda.

Check them out here.

3. @newrincells

Nurin A., founder of Newrincells, does not like to limit herself by focusing on the same style and colour scheme when producing her pieces. 

Newrincells mainly sells handmade beaded necklaces but occasionally produces bracelets, phone charms, and keychains.

"I love making my pieces chunky and bountiful with beads and charms in detail," Nurin told SAYS.

By taking inspiration from random stuff, the pieces from Newrincells are literally full of charm, with their very own eclectic and harmonic aesthetic.

Check them out here.

4. @barelysensored

Barely Sensored began with its founder's interest in alternative fashion and jewellery. By only experimenting in the beginning, Barely Sensored now produces pieces ranging from necklaces, rings, and earrings to bracelets, phone charms, waist chains, and mask chains.

The pieces from Barely Sensored cater to people with an interest in alternative, goth, cyber, or punk styles and are described as, "kinda edgy, kinda quirky, but very sexy."

"I learned that jewellery can be more than the simple chain and charm combo," said Mars, the founder of Barely Sensored.

Due to the business being solely run by Mars, new pieces from Barely Sensored are only released at certain times, but Mars assured us that she mostly has pieces stocked at Fifth, a thrift and consignment store in Petaling Jaya.

Check them out here.

5. @karlakreativeklub

"I have always loved earrings. Having to explore more about polymer clay as a medium to make accessories is mind-blowing," said Shamila Ramli, founder of Karla Kreative.

By only learning from YouTube and TikTok tutorials, Shamila was able to hone her skills and turn her interest into a business.

Karla Kreative mainly sells earrings and occasionally produces hair clips, necklaces, pop sockets, and pins, all of which are colourful and fun.

All of Karla Kreative's products are available for purchase via Instagram or their website as long as stocks last, but custom orders can also be placed through Instagram.

As of right now, Karla Kreative's products have already been sold internationally in Thailand, the Philippines, New York, Los Angeles, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

Check them out here.

6. @crazynetizenz

Emily Hiew Siaw Sien founded Crazy Netizenz as a cheaper alternative to the fashion business, as she found that a jewellery store costs less than a clothing store.

Even with her background studying fashion, she had no prior experience creating jewellery. Nonetheless, a year has passed, and Emily is proud to say that she loves what she is doing.

Crazy Netizens' products range from necklaces and earrings to hair clips, keychains, and many more, depending on what Emily feels like creating.

"I have no specific style because I love experimenting with new styling concepts and would love to try all of them," said Emily.

With a thorough procedure behind every piece from Crazy Netizenz, only when a collection is 100% done does a new project begin for Emily.

Check them out here.

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