You Know That Weird Loop Behind Your Shirt Collar? Here's What It's Actually For

No, it's not for you to tug on and annoy someone.

Cover image via Henry Phillips/Gear Patrol

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Ever noticed the little loop at the back of your shirt and wondered what it's for?

If you were always scared that it would get caught somewhere and strangle you by accident, you're not alone. :')

While that's not the reason for them, these loops actually have a purpose that dates way back to the 1960s

Apparently, sailors in the navy didn't have cupboards to hang their clothes. These little loops were added to the back of their shirts, so they could easily hang them from a hook on the wall.

Image via Quora

But sailors weren't the only ones who liked them.

According to Today, during the 1900s, a menswear brand, GANT, called them 'locker loops'. These little pieces of fabric were added to let students hang their shirts up and keep them wrinkle-free in Ivy League locker rooms.

They later became a symbol to signify one's relationship status on college campuses

A GANT representative told Today that men would sometimes cut off the loops to indicate that they were taken. In return, women, who didn't have loops on their shirts, would wear their boyfriend's scarf to show that they weren't single.

Sometimes, women would even go as far as to tear the loops off the shirts of men they liked back then.

Well, thankfully we have dating apps today.

And now you know the back story about these loops each time you use them as an in-built hanger!

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Speaking of shirts, did you know about this?

Here's another fun fact about a feature on your jeans:

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