Attention, Paw-rents! Here Are 5 Things You Can Do At This 60-Acre Pet-Friendly Park

Have fun with your furbabies at Gamuda Cove Central Park!

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We love our furbabies, and we always want what's best for them

That's why we know just how important fresh air and exercise is for our four-legged besties. Long walks are incredibly beneficial for our doggos to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Looking for an awesome place that welcomes doggos? Look no further!

Gamuda Cove Central Park is a whopping 60-acre pet-friendly park in Gamuda Cove where you and your pets can do so many fun activities together!

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Spending time with your furry friends shows them how much you love them, and also improves your bond.

Here are five things you can do with your pets at Gamuda Cove Central Park:

1. Take your canine companions out for a mini scavenger hunt

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Dogs have a very sharp sense of smell and an ingrained hunting instinct. What better way to reinvent their playtime than by getting your furry friends to scavenge for their favourite kibbles or treats scattered in the grass or concealed under pebbles. Your doggo will have so much fun exploring the park in search of their yummy snacks while identifying new features of their environment.  

Not forgetting our feline friends, you can try this out with your cattos, too! 

2. Get a special bike attachment or a bicycle exerciser leash for your furry friends

This is a great way for you to keep yourself fit while letting your furkid get some fresh air. You could place your catto in a pet carrier or a small trailer attachment so that it can enjoy the crisp breeze as you cycle along Gamuda Cove Central Park's biking trail.

You can even get a bicycle exercise leash for your high-energy puppers! That way, they could run alongside your bike, which is an effective exercise for them. Remember to pause for short breaks or if your goodest boi needs to attend to the "call of nature" :p

3. Enjoy a relaxing stroll with your furbaby along a path that overlooks a picturesque lake

Image via Gamuda Land

A nice walk can be extremely beneficial for both you and your pet's health. Walks have been proven to lower the risks of stress and are a really enjoyable bonding experience.

Additionally, walks make your furkids really happy! They really enjoy checking out new sights while taking in the great outdoors. You can even encourage them to explore new, unfamiliar scents as you increase your step count.

For all you avid joggers, there's a 5km jogging trail around the 60-acre central park, too. Get that cardio done!

4. There are endless fields so you can play catch with your doggo...or catto :D

Image via Paw Culture

Enjoy a game of catch with your lil bow wows in Gamuda Cove Central Park that spans 60-acres in size, and maybe get them to play with other animals too. If your furkid is a social butterfly and loves meeting other animals and people, this might be a good way to develop your pet's confidence. Having positive interactions with other pets and humans will help them decrease their anxiety in the long run.

Playing with other animals can also be a huge thrill for your furbaby. Keeping them mentally stimulated will allow them to have so much fun while leading happy, healthy lives.

5. Let your pet get its own workout with the 'pet equipment' that's available at the park

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Image via Pets House

Gamuda Cove Central Park also has some really cool pieces of pet workout equipment that you can try out with your pets :D Exercising your pet can help them channel unwanted excess energy while teaching them some great tricks. It can also improve the bond between animal and owner!

But remember, since this is a public area, always remember to be courteous to other visitors and clean up after yourselves :D

From pet-friendly parks to beautiful residential phases, Gamuda Cove is touted to be Malaysia's most liveable city

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Image via Gamuda Land

With so many facilities and amenities, Gamuda Cove is an accessible and fun place to both stay and visit. It's a 5G-ready township that is connected via an integrated network of walkways, bikeways, motorways, tramways, waterways, and shuttle buses! Cool.

The 1,530-acre township is also the most vibrant city in Southern Klang Valley. Laid out on over 370-acre of commercial land located at the heart of the city, this township is designed based on everyone's needs. What's even cooler is the fact that different homes were built to suit a variety of lifestyles.

From having a great meal with friends to basking in the beauty of Mother Nature with your furry companion, there are so many things you can do at Gamuda Cove!

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Image via Gamuda Land
1. Use Waze to drive to Gamuda Cove Experience Gallery, Bandar Gamuda Cove, Persiaran Cove Sentral, Dengkil, Selangor:
2. Opening Hours: 10am-6pm

Wanna know more? For more information on Gamuda Cove, please visit this website for all the deets!

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