9 Awesome Jobs In Malaysia That Have Surprisingly High Salaries

Some of these don't even require a degree!

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9. English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

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Job scope: Teach English to non-native speakers.
Average salary: RM3,820 per month (PayScale)

ESL teachers primarily teach English to non-native speakers at private schools, international schools, or as personal tutors. They often use rote pronunciation, quizzes, textbooks, videos, and multimedia education to help students learn. They may also develop their own syllabus to fit the students' needs.

Depending on where you work in Malaysia, you could earn up to RM8,000 a month as an ESL teacher.

8. UX Designer

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Job scope: Enhance a product's user experience through design.
Average salary: RM4,456 per month (PayScale)

More than just your typical graphic designer, a UX designer has to consider the design elements throughout the user journey of a product. Usually, UX designers work closely with tech developers to create websites, apps, and software. A background in design and knowledge in IT is required for this role.

7. Air Traffic Controller

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Job scope: Direct airport traffic. Issue takeoff and landing instructions to pilots.
Average salary: RM4,905 per month (PayScale)

Air traffic controllers ensure that all traffic, including planes, baggage vehicles, buses, and airport workers run smoothly. They are also trained to handle intense situations, like giving a pilot instructions for emergency landing. As such, strong communication skills are a must for this position.

6. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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Job scope: Improve network and system security through preventive penetration tests.
Average salary: RM5,250 per month (PayScale)

While they share the same skillsets as malicious hackers, ethical hackers use their knowledge and tools in a lawful manner to assess the security of networks and systems. A certified ethical hacker (CEH) is someone who has a qualification based on his or her ability to hack or compromise a system in a virtual environment.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager

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Job scope: Plan CSR policies and programmes for the company.
Average salary: RM7,500 per month (PayScale)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can cover various areas, including philanthropy, community events, and internal policies. The goal of a CSR manager is to improve the company's brand image, which means these CSR efforts are also usually coupled with PR or media coverage. Having good CSR policies and programmes can also help attract young talent, which is what makes this role so important.

4. Executive Chef

Job scope: Develop menus, run the kitchen, and manage employees.
Average salary: RM9,809 per month (PayScale)

Being an executive chef is more than just cooking. They not only have to manage the entire kitchen staff, but also have to source for ingredients and make sure their food costs are within budget. They also oversee day-to-day operations, and may be called upon to address customer complaints.

A degree in culinary arts is common, but not necessary. Experience speaks louder than certificates in the food industry. That's why chefs work their way up in reputable restaurants until they can become an executive chef in a restaurant of their own.

3. Prosthetist or Orthotist

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Job scope: Help patients fit artificial limbs or devices to support their body.
Average salary: RM10,027 per month (SalaryExpert)

Prosthetists help people without limbs (by birth or amputation) with artificial body parts, whereas orthotists use devices like braces or foot insoles to relieve pain and provide support. They often work with patients and physiotherapists to aid the recovery process. If you are passionate about helping people, this is the field for you!

2. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager

Job scope: Minimise safety risks and negative environmental impact.
Average salary: RM10,079 per month (PayScale)

EHS managers look out for the company like CSR managers, but in a slightly different way. They need to assess safety risks and ensure employees adhere to safety standards. Another area they focus on is ways to make the company more sustainable environmentally, which includes waste disposal, material use, and energy use.

You'll need a degree in occupational safety and health, environmental science, or something similar for this position.

1. Professional Gamer

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Job scope: Participate in gaming tournaments.
Average salary: Up to RM4,740,749 in prize money (Esports Earnings)

The main job of a professional gamer is to play games. In fact, professional gamers can spend 12 hours or more per day honing their skills in a specific game, like Dota 2. Besides training, they also review game footage, research opponents, strategise, and even participate in sponsorship videos.

The top earning Malaysian in esports is currently Zheng Yeik Nai, or better known as MidOne. At just 22 years old, he has already participated in multiple Dota 2 world championships and raked in more than RM4 million in prize money.

Ultimately, this goes to show that you don't have to just be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer to make big bucks in Malaysia

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Go out there to explore the possibilities, because there are many unexpected jobs that can pay well and take you far in your career. Have an open mind, do your research, and if you think it's the right fit, pursue it with all your heart! :)

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